How to karate-chop a block. Writer’s block, that is

Here are some of my best tips to help you with something as critical to your business as the air you breathe is to you

Your content.

After all, it’s how you build your audience, draw in your ideal clients, and, of course, convince them that you’re worthy of their hard-earned dollars.

Getting ready to start your business? Content is where it all begins.

Want to grow your business? Content is the key.

Without further ado, here are my best tips to beat writer’s block, write emails and social media posts that get shared up the wazoo, and churn out high-quality content like a MACHINE:

  • Beat writer’s block by batching your content. Every time I get a great post/article idea, I immediately save it to my cellphone “Notes” app, Evernote, or Gmail. (Otherwise I’ll forget! Sound familiar?)

Then, when it’s time for you to batch content, pull up your notes and use them to write your posts all at once. This way, all you have to do during the week is copy and paste. No more feeling stuck and sitting in front of the screen for hours.

  • Use weekly/monthly themes to organize your content. Doing this not only makes you look like a pro, but also makes it easier to come up with content ideas!

After compiling all your topics, organize them into a few big buckets. For example, “creating an opt-in,” “5 tips for building your list organically,” and “how to set up an email funnel could all be grouped together.” (And in case you’re wondering why I chose this example, yes, it’s something I have planned for you soon!)

Now, not only do you have 3 topics for 3 newsletters, but it’s also much easier to come up with a 4th newsletter     related to list-building than to come up with an idea from scratch.

  • Use the 80/20 rule for promotion/creation, especially if you’re starting out. In other words, 20% of your time should be spent on creating new content, and 80% of it should be on promoting it!

Because what’s the point of creating amazing material if no one’s reading it, right?

Don’t be afraid of over-promoting either. If you are, take a minute and think: How much attention do YOU pay to Facebook posts and emails? Let’s be honest…probably not that much, right? Same thing is going on with your audience.

  • The key to quickly building your following is not to create a lot of content, but to create 2-5 pieces of the BEST content.

People love sharing! Posts, opt-ins, blogs, you name it. Doing so makes us look smart and gives us something interesting to talk about.

All you have to do is create something that your people will want to share. (It doesn’t even have to be super long or complicated — it could be a great 5-page opt-in, 20-minute video/audio training, or even a 3 to 5-day challenge.)

How do you know what to create the content on? Brainstorm the following:

What are your ideal client’s biggest pain points? What’s trending in your industry? What do people love talking   about all the time in your industry? What’s controversial? What questions do you get asked over and over?

Like your business fairy godmother, I came, sprinkled some magical biz dust, and now, I’m out.