How to get people to pay you

If you’re in business, it’s your duty to make sales. If you don’t, you can’t pay your electric bill, feed your family or splurge on the occasional vanilla bean cupcake. (A life without cupcakes?! Why live at all?)

Still, so many of us love giving away free value, but when it’s time to transition to making the sale we freeze. It feels instantly icky inside, and we’re afraid of being rejected.

The truth is it’s actually a beautiful thing to offer them your product or service—because if they really need it, it’s painful for them to keep struggling on their own.

Today I want to address the 2 biggest questions I get from my community about how to guide people from devouring your freebies to paying you for your work, so you can start to feel more confident in making sales:

1. How long should you offer free content before you pitch your product or service?

Just like in running, different people go at different speeds. Some will be drawn to buy from you immediately, while others will wait a few weeks, and still more will wait 2 years.

It’s your job to give people the opportunity to purchase from you when they’re ready.

And there’s no need to be scared to offer a product or service soon after they opt-in. That’s why you’ll sometimes see a small offer in the first email or even on the thank you page. If the price is right and the transformation is good enough, why wouldn’t someone want what you’ve got?

2. How do you transition from free to the sale?

Giving free value is great, but at the end of the day it only takes you so far. Think of your free content as Step Zero to your paid offer. It’s a quick win so your audience can start celebrating and beginning their transformation right away.

For example, if you’re a health coach, maybe your free content helps people lose 5 pounds of bloating, while your paid offer helps them keep it off. You can position it like, “Love these results? Here’s how you get more” and then roll into your program.

Another option is presenting the high-level strategy for free, while the actual tactics are shared in the program. (You’ll see this a lot on webinars.) You can lead your audience toward working with you by saying something like, “Here’s what you do. If you want the step-by-step guidance or want it done for you, here’s how I can help you do it faster or smarter.”  

Remember, as fun as it can be to create content, you can’t train your people to expect free from you 100% of the time. They have to know that you’re serious about the transformation you provide, so they can feel confident in working with you—and part of that is charging for what you offer.