3 foolproof steps to finding your profitable coaching niche


Is that how you feel about trying to figure out your coaching niche? If so, you are in the right place.

Today, I’m going to share with you my simple, foolproof method for finally choosing your own profitable coaching niche.


By the end of this article, you’ll know the only 3 things your audience is willing to pay for, and how to make sure your niche is profitable.

(And once you know that, you’ll also have the key to standing out in your market, even if your industry is super crowded and no one knows who you are right now.)

These are the exact steps I’ve used to help over 1,000 clients get clarity on their coaching niche, and now it’s your turn…

Step #1: Solve a problem that people are willing to pay for

You know what any successful business does?

It solves a problem…and then gets paid to do it.

Speaking of getting paid, there are only three things that potential clients are willing to pay for. Think of them as your coaching niche finders:

Thing #1: To Be…

In other words, to be that version of themselves that they are dreaming of. Hot, less stressed, recognized.

Thing #2: To Have…

A few examples of what people might pay to have are freedom, more money, or a better career.

Thing #3: To Feel…

Loved, happy, confident, healthy

Step #2: Figure out the most profitable problems YOU can solve

Now that you know the 3 things that people are willing to pay for, it’s simply about figuring out which of those things YOU can help people with.

I want to make this super clear: You don’t need to come up with a crazy original idea.

All you have to do is draw on your own experience and expertise. Think about what you’re already doing in your current job or life, and do that in your business.

There are two keys to success to keep in mind:

First, draw on something that you actually have experience in. (Otherwise, how will you be able to help your clients get actual results?)

Second, make sure you’re focusing on something that people are willing to pay for, like we talked about in the previous step.

Some of the most common profitable coaching niches that my clients focus on include career coaching, health coaching, relationship coaching, leadership coaching, speaking coaching, video coaching, or even done for you services like copywriting or site design or project management.

Step #3: Get specific on your coaching niche

Are you scared that getting too specific will lose you business instead of helping you get more?

The truth is, it’s actually exactly the opposite.

Because when you’re starting out and no one knows who you are, the best way to stand out in their minds is to let them know exactly — and specifically — how you can help them.

Think about it this way: If I’m a health coach and I say, “I help you lose weight,” how memorable is that?

Even if you are trying to lose weight, you’re probably going to forget me like *that*.

But what if I told you, “I help busy professionals lose weight while juggling your busy schedules, and without having to do crazy diets or workouts?”

If you’re a busy professional wanting to lose weight, you bet you’re going to want to know more.

Those are the three foolproof steps to nailing your coaching niche.

At this point, you should have enough clarity to go out there and get your first paying client. You might not have 100% clarity, and that’s normal, because total clarity comes only after you’ve actually worked with a client.

And I’ve got you covered there too.

I have a bonus tutorial for you, right here, on how to use social media to get your first paying clients without waiting months or years.

Before you head over to that article though, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Let me know what niche(s) are coming up for you after reading this article!