How to start your coaching business THIS week

Have you been wanting to start a coaching business….but you keep on putting it off?

Today’s post is dedicated to my student Taulia, who asked if I share a tutorial helping him through this question:

“Although I’ve done the market research, and the validation, and know my topic is HOT, I still struggle with getting the final product done.”

He also said, “I know my mindset needs to shift! Can you give me some advice?”

If you’re like Taulia and have been working behind the scenes on your business for a while, or if you’ve simply been thinking about it but haven’t started, buckle up.

Today, I’m going to share the top two things that hold people back. And of course, how to STOP letting them hold you back.

Those two things are:  Not knowing what to do, and mindset.

Let’s talk about mindset first.

When it comes to your mindset, here are the three most common fears that keep aspiring entrepreneurs in the “aspiring” phase instead of becoming actual entrepreneurs.

Fear #1: What do I have to offer?

Maybe you’re thinking…

What do I have to offer that hasn’t already been done?

If that’s what’s been holding you back, I want you to think about it this way.

If you’re married or if you’ve ever dated someone, you know that there are billions of other men or women out there. But have you ever thought, “Why wouldn’t my boyfriend or girlfriend or partner just date someone else?”

Probably not, right? Because you are a unique combination of personality, traits, and history. And it was that unique combination that drew them to you.

It’s the same thing in your business. That chemistry that you’re going to have with your clients, and as a result the unique way you’ll be able to connect with them and help them, is something that only YOU can do.

Fear #2: What will people say?

Or, you might be thinking…

What will people say? Will they think I’m a fraud? Because I’m not enough of an “expert?” Will they laugh at me? Will I look stupid?

Are you nodding to any of these?

Trust me, EVERYONE thinks that when they’re starting out. I definitely did.

Here’s the truth —

There ARE people who are going to think you look stupid, or who are going to make fun of you, or who are going to be mean.

Unfortunately, it comes with the territory of putting yourself out there. (Want some help dealing with that fear of rejection? I’ve got you covered.)

BUT, you know what also comes with the territory of putting yourself out there? People whose lives you change, who appreciate you, and who are so thankful for you.

It’s like with anything: “No pain, no gain.”

And to start a coaching business, you’ve got to put on that thick skin, focus on the people you are helping, and remember — as long as you know you are in integrity and are giving value based on your hard-earned knowledge and experience, those negative things others are saying is a reflection on THEM, not on you.

Fear #3: What if it’s not good enough?

And finally, maybe you’re thinking that your product is not good enough yet.

If you’re like Taulia and are creating your first course, maybe you’re waiting to put ALL the finishing touches to your course until it’s perfect.

Or, if you’re selling your coaching services, you’re waiting until your website and your photos are perfect.

Let me burst that bubble, but in a good way, right now.

The truth is, nothing is ever perfect. There will always be more to add to your course, and more ways you can improve your website.

The good news is though, those aren’t the things that your clients will care about the most, which is ultimately what truly matters.

You know what they DO care about?

THEMSELVES. In other words, that they can trust you to help them to take care of them, that they feel good about working with you.

And that doesn’t come from a perfect course of website. That comes from YOU taking the time to connect with them and build a relationship with them, one human being to another.

So with that, now that we’ve addressed those top fears, let’s talk about how to actually start your coaching business THIS WEEK.

Step #1: Start your coaching business TODAY

I want you to mark today on your calendar as the day you start.

And to get you started, I want you to tell 3 people about your new business. TODAY.

(If you don’t know what business you’re starting, that’s OK, I’m going to help you get that solved today too. Make sure you check out my tutorial on how to get clarity on your coaching niche.)

And that’s it. Today’s just about taking that one small step that makes a big difference. Because once you get it out there, it starts becoming real.

Step #2: Introduce yourself in 3 online communities

Tomorrow, step two, is going to be a bit more work.

I want you to go online, whether that’s to Facebook groups, online forums for your industry, LinkedIn, or something else. Wherever your audience hangs out.

Next, find three of these groups and introduce yourself and what you do.

(If you’re feeling a little nervous and want a fun, supportive place to get started, come join my free Facebook community, Entrepreneurial Leaders. I’d love to see you there!)

And that’s it for day two. Again, this is a small step — although slightly bigger than yesterday — which is going to make a big difference.

However, it’s also still very doable, so it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Step #3: Show up daily for 2 weeks

Over the last two days, you’ve been dipping your toes in the water, and now it’s time to dive in.

For the next 2 weeks, every day – at least during the week – I want you to show up daily in these 3 online communities.

That can include you sharing a post that others will find valuable, you answering questions related to your area of expertise, or even you just commenting on other members’ threads to connect and build that relationship.

That’s it.

Do this consistently for two weeks.

Remember, you marked your calendar so you know exactly when two weeks from now will be.

Check in with yourself on that date, and I promise, if you’ve done these 3 steps, you will be so amazed at how far you’ve come.

You can start your coaching business today.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, overwhelming, or scary.

Are you ready to do this for yourself and start a coaching business? If so, let me know in the comments below!