Morning Routine of a Successful Entrepreneur: My morning routine

Are you curious what kind of morning routine an entrepreneur might have?

Today, I’m going to share my own daily morning routine that has been CRITICAL in helping me build and run a multiple 7-figure business.

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Morning routine #1: Intention-setting

When I wake up, the first thing I do is spend 5 minutes clearing my mind and setting my intention for the day.

I’m not gonna lie, it IS tough to resist checking my email, and I’m not always perfect with this.

However, I remember what one of my mentors said to me a few years ago — everyone in your inbox wants something from you. Don’t start your day letting others drive it.

Even knowing that, it’s tough to resist. It gets easier with practice though and often, I try to keep away from my phone until I’m ready to start my day so that I can’t be tempted!

During these 5 minutes, I’m setting a timer, my eyes are closed, and it’s just me and my thoughts. I’m not thinking about my problems or what’s stressing me out. Instead, I’m setting my intention for the day.

What do I want to get done? How do I want to feel?

This is so essential for me, because on days when I don’t do it, I’m not as much in control of myself throughout the day, I don’t feel as positive, and that affects everything in my day.

Morning routine #2: Journaling

Next, I spend anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes journaling.

Often, my thoughts feel like a jumble of random things going on in my head.

This is how I get clear on what I’m thinking and identify what I need to prioritize, which thoughts aren’t serving me because they’re not helpful, and which thoughts I want to dig deeper into.

Morning routine #3: Reading

Most days, I do also manage about 30 minutes of reading. It’s easier once I’ve gotten all my noisy thoughts out of my head so I’m not distracted.

This helps me ground in the big picture of what I’m wanting to learn or read about before I’m caught up in my day to day to-do’s and emails.

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Morning routine #4: Writing

Then, I write my daily weekday newsletter to my email list. And I usually try to keep that under 30 minutes.

Morning routine #5: Emails

Only after that do I log in to my email. Unless there’s anything urgent though, I won’t respond to anything. This is more for my own peace of mind and so I know what’s going on.

Morning routine #6: Breakfast

Then, it’s time for breakfast and of course, can’t forget the coffee!

Afterwards, I brush my teeth, do my thing, and am ready to start my day right.

And that’s my morning routine.

Now, I want to caveat, this routine took me years to develop and to be able to commit to it consistently.

And when I started my first online business while juggling a 9-5, I definitely wasn’t able to do this. So keep that in mind!