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35 Best Blogging Courses to Master Blogging in 2024

Want to fast-track your blog? 

Learning how to build traffic and convert your traffic can take years. But learning from the best blogging courses (and people who’ve already done it) can be a real detour. 

Want to learn more? Read on!

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

Blogging courses online

Blog writing courses

Email marketing courses 

Social media courses

PR courses

Blog monetization courses

B2B blogging courses 

Are blogging courses worth it?

Is starting a blog still the right move? 

Well, marketers who prioritize blogging in their marketing strategies see 13x the ROI than marketers who don’t. In other words, blogs are more relevant than ever. 

But you might be wondering if you even need a course. 

No, you don’t need a blogging course. But if you want your blog to drive traffic, generate income, and build a successful online business, you’ll likely achieve blogging success much faster. 

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Learning how to grow your blog could take years of trial and error. On the flip side, getting blogging right can help your business thrive. 

I built my own blog to multiple six figures in two years – and today, it’s one of my best-performing sales channels. Because I don’t have to rely on ads, my business is much more profitable than it used to be. 

What’s more, it’s a true Freedom Business, which lets me work when I want to and focus on other, fun projects (like other businesses I’m building). 

Who are blogging courses for?

Who is blogging for? 

If you have an online business, then blogging is a great (but often overlooked) marketing channel. Blogs that are optimized for search engines like Google attract people who are searching for your business. 

In other words, they don’t need convincing that they need your product or service. And as you’re not paying for your traffic, every sale you get is way more profitable than traffic from paid traffic sources (ads). 

Blogging could even help you generate “passive income” with affiliate marketing and similar offers. (Not that passive income ever is passive – you still have to maintain and grow your blog.) 

Online blogging courses work well for:

  • Small business owners
  • Coaches, consultants, and course creators
  • Freelancers 
  • Software businesses 
  • Beginner to advanced bloggers

But how do you choose the right blogging course? Here’s what you need to know about the most popular courses. 

Best blogging courses online

Now you know why a blogging course is valuable. Let’s dive into the best blogging courses out there. 

The online blogging courses here below are organized into categories. First are the overall best blogging courses that will help you grow a blog, then courses that will help you write better, create a newsletter for your blog, and so on. We essentially cover every aspect of a successful blog – and I’ve included both beginner-friendly and advanced courses. 

Note: I haven’t gone through all the courses myself, so I am recommending some of them based on my own experience and some based on reviews and the reputation of the course creator. 

1. Clients Come To Me

Screenshot of Client Come to Me program

I created Clients Come to Me to fill a gap in the market. See, when I first started investing in Google traffic, I couldn’t find a great resource for businesses like mine (service businesses and course creators). 

So I created Clients Come to Me. This course teaches you everything you need to know about how to build your own blog that drives traffic and sales for your business, so you can create a highly profitable online business. 

Beyond just blogging and SEO (content strategy, link building, conversion optimization, how to write a blog post from scratch, growing blog traffic, and much more), you’ll also learn how to attract clients from Pinterest using your blog content. Why Pinterest? Because it’s another organic traffic source that’s grossly underused by most businesses.  

You’ll learn the exact step-by-step process that helped me use business blogging to add multiple six figures to my business in less than two years. 

For a sneak peek, take a look at this video where I talk more about search engine optimization

I also have an ultimate guide on blogging for coaches (and other service businesses).

2. SEO Unlocked 

Screenshot of SEO Unlocked course page

Neil Patel is one of the leading Google experts out there (with one of the most successful blogs in the online business space), and it’s a no-brainer to learn from him. 

“SEO Unlocked” is a great primer on how to start building your traffic from scratch and learn simple concepts. This free blogging course is ideal for beginners who want to get started with SEO without learning too many complicated technical concepts. That said, I wouldn’t recommend this to advanced bloggers as it’s skewed towards beginners. 

Price: Free

3. Content-Led SEO

Screenshot of content led seo course page

CEO of Backlinko, Brian Dean, poured all his knowledge into this training program. 

Why is this a good blogging course? Because “Content-Led SEO” focuses on building traffic to your blog with the right content and promotional strategy.  His method has also been proven by thousands of course attendees. 

However, after selling his company to Semrush, this course might not be updated in the same way it used to be before. After all, many of those updates depended on Brian testing strategies before packaging them into a course.    

The course is accessible to Semrush customers. 

Price: $99.95 per month when paid annually

4. Blogging For Business

Screenshot of blogging for business course page

Ahrefs is one of the best-known search tools on the market. It collates data from Google to accurately show how your website might be ranking compared to your competitors. Beyond being a great tool, Ahrefs has a good free blogging course (available to both members and non-members). 

This course is great for business owners who want to use blogging to boost traffic and sales. You learn how to create a blogging strategy that appeals to your ideal customers, how to rank on Google, and how to optimize your content. 

This isn’t for you if you want to monetize your blog, but it is a good all-around course to understand digital marketing.

Price: Free 

5. Freedom Machine

Screenshot of freedom machine course page

Jon Morrow, founder of Smart Blogger, is one of the most prominent bloggers on the internet. In the Freedom Machine, he shares his step-by-step process of how he made a six-figure income through blogging and how you can too.

A great course if you want to build a blogging business, rather than build a blog that supports your business. You learn from A to Z how to set up your blog and start generating revenue.  

Price: $2,000

6. Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog

Screenshot of blogging masterclass course page

Brad Merill’s “Blogging Masterclass” is an affordable self-study blogging course that will get you started as a successful blogger. You’ll learn how to choose a profitable niche, write great content, and build a profitable blogging business. Brad also touches on building an email list and promoting your blog to make it successful. 

The course is organized into three and a half hours of video content that you can work through in your own time. 

Price: $119.99

7. Introduction to SEO: Tactics and Strategy for Entrepreneurs by Moz

Screenshot of Introduction to SEO course page

If you want an accessible, short search engine optimization course, “Introduction to SEO” is for you. Led by Rand Fishkin, the CEO and founder of the online marketing tool Moz, this blogging course for beginners is a great introduction to the topic. 

He covers how to build an SEO strategy, the importance of audience, and how to target the right keywords for your business. The videos are bitesize with a lot of information included in them. 

Price: $13.99 per month when paid annually

8. Blog by Number by Freedom by Number

Screenshot of blog by number course page

Freedom by Number’s course is all about becoming financially free with blogging. Led by mommy blogger, Suzi Whitford, this course is meant for non-techy newbies to the content creation game. 

This course is for you if you enjoy writing and want to build a profitable, scalable business. It’s affordable at just over $100 and has great reviews. There is also an option to have the Freedom By Number team set up everything for you.

Price: $147

9. Launch Your Blog Biz

Screenshot of Launch your blog biz course page

“Launch Your Blogging Business” by Create and Go is highly reviewed and excellent for beginners who want to learn the fundamentals of building a blogging business that brings in revenue. The team behind the course are bloggers who have created six or seven-figure businesses with their blogs. 

Price: $247 

10. Built to Blog

Screenshot of Built to blog course page

Ryan Robinson is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging. He’s been in the blogging space for several years and has plenty to share about how to create a successful blog. 

His course covers everything you need to know about making a scalable blog that is content first. He touches on how you can monetize the blog for longevity, but the bulk of the course is focused on good content and promotion. 

As the focus isn’t on search traffic, this course is not necessarily the best option for people looking to scale their business with their blog. Instead, use it to create a business with your blog. 

Price: $497

11. The SEO Playbook

Screenshot of The SEO playbook course page

Robbie Richards is a  prominent blogger. His productivity planners and in-depth training videos included in “The SEO Playbook” create a template for exactly how you should approach content strategy. 

Warning: this course is NOT for beginners! This course is for you if you’re an intermediate to advanced blogger and want to take your blog to the next level. You’ll learn how to optimize blogs and other aspects of your website to reach the top of Google.

Price: $1,000

Best blog writing courses

Now you know what the best blog-building courses are. But what about writing? After all, a successful blog must be engaging to read. 

Let’s take a look at courses that teach you the anatomy of writing a successful blog post. 

12. The Copy Cure 

Screenshot of The Copy Cure course page

What’s the first step to creating a blog people love to read? Learning how to write. And that’s why a copy course, like “The Copy Cure,” can be a great way to get started. 

Copywriter Laura Belgray co-created this course together with Marie Forleo. Laura has years of experience as a prominent copywriter, while Marie has built a multi-seven-figure business and brand. 

Price: $1,499 

13. Call To Action

Screenshot of call to action course page

Call To Action by Ramit Sethi is another copywriting course. However, unlike The Copy Cure, Call to Action covers blogging specifically as part of your marketing strategy. It also touches on email marketing scripts, sales funnels, and landing pages – in other words, different parts of copywriting for your business. 

Price: Not disclosed

14. 10x Web Copy

Screenshot of 10X web copy course page

CopyHackers is a leading resource within the B2B writing space, especially when it comes to conversion copywriting. The copywriting course “10x Web Copy” is a course on creating converting web copy, a highly useful blogging skill. 

Price: $1,997

15. SEO Writing Masterclass

Screenshot of SEO writing masterclass course page

For those who want to learn SEO copywriting specifically, which can be hugely beneficial for building traffic to your blog, the “SEO Writing Masterclass” by Surfer, a tool that helps you optimize your on-page optimization, is a great place to get started. You’ll learn a lot about the psychology behind why people search what they search and how you can use that to your advantage to build a solid content strategy. 

Price: Free

16. Create Content

Screenshot of create content course page

Getting into blogging isn’t easy. But learning from one of the best blogging websites can help you get going much faster. Problogger is one of the biggest blogs about building a blogging business on the internet. Its “Create Content” course is the first pillar in its four-pillar blog growth strategy. 

“Create Content” is great for beginners, but it might be too basic if you already have an existing blog. Consider this an introductory course.

Price: $47

17. Content Marketing: Blogging for Growth

Screenshot of Blogging for growth course page

Eric Siu is an experienced content marketer. As the founder of the digital marketing agency Single Grain, there’s a lot to learn from him – and this blogging course. “Content Marketing” focuses on creating quality content that resonates with your audience. 

With just 11 short video training sessions, this blogging course takes you through the exact steps of writing a blog post. From brainstorming and outlining to headlining and image choice, the course covers the basics. A great option for beginner bloggers.

Price: $13.99 per month when paid annually

18. Become a Better Blogger: Content Planning

Screenshot of Content planning course page

To write well, you first need a content plan. That’s what this course helps you with. Andrea Goulet Ford focuses her class on content planning as part of your marketing strategy. 

You’ll learn how to build a strategy around your brand, how to find inspiration, and how to create a content calendar you can stick to. 

Price: $13.99 per month when paid annually

Best list building courses

Growing a blog is just one part of creating a successful blog marketing strategy. You also need to build relationships and nurture your audience. That’s why you need to learn how to grow an email list. If you want to learn how to build a loyal audience of customers, take a look at these blogging courses.  

19. My First 10K Subscribers

Screenshot of my first 10k subscribers course page

Did you know that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get a $42 return? 

“My First 10K Subscribers” is my own course where I share the steps to building a highly engaged and profitable email list. You’ll learn exactly how I went from zero to 10k subscribers in just 11 months. 

However, I only open this course once or twice a year, so join my waitlist to know when it next opens. 

And if you want to learn more about list building, take a look at this quick video: 

20. List Builders Society

Screenshot of List builders society course page

Amy Porterfield runs one of the most successful podcasts in the online business space. Her “List Builders Society” is a five-week course that teaches you how to write emails and build an email funnel. 

Price: $497

Best social media courses

So you’ve learned about search traffic, blog writing, and digital marketing. How can you uplevel your blog with social media? These blogging courses will help you figure that out. 

21. Pinterest Avalanche

Screenshot of Pinterest avalanche course page

One of the top social media channels for business owners? Pinterest.

Pinterest has 445 million average monthly users. As a platform created for inspirational content, it’s a great website for blogs that serve a business-to-consumer audience. 

“Pinterest Avalanche” by Create and Go is one of the top Pinterest courses in the industry. The course is updated regularly so that you stay on top of any developments or changes to Pinterest’s algorithm. For example, you’ll learn how to build a Pinterest strategy that works for your business and create viral content.

Price: $197

22. Instagram Training Course

Screenshot of Instagram training course page

HubSpot is one of the leading CRM and marketing tools in the world. With one of the top content marketing teams around, the “Instagram Training Course” is packed with information despite being just two and a half hours long. 

You’ll learn how to build an Instagram strategy to get more followers as well as how Instagram ads work. The con is that because it’s a free course, it’s not as up-to-date as paid courses tend to be. But it’s a good start for beginners to Instagram.

Price: Free

23. The Pinterest Lab

Screenshot of The Pinterest Lab course page

Jenna Kutcher built her business with the help of Pinterest, Instagram, and her podcast. That’s why her relatively short course (you can go through it in just a day) on how to use Pinterest is a great way to get started. In this course, Jenna teaches you how to make Pinterest pins that convert into traffic and/or sales. 

Price: $197 

24. TikTok for Business

Screenshot of TikTok for business course page

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms around. If you like the short video format (or have video content to repurpose on the platform), learning how to maximize this marketing channel might be the right thing for you. 

“TikTok for Business” by Sue Keogh is just 30 minutes long but includes lots of content. Sue helps you get started on TikTok by understanding how it can be used for business and how to build a TikTok strategy. 

Obviously, this isn’t an A to Z course on TikTok marketing but should be seen more as an introductory course. 

Price: $13.99 per month when paid annually

25. Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery

Screenshot of Facebook ads mastery course page

Facebook marketing still has its place for businesses. Most audiences hang out on Facebook and the costs are still relatively low (although they are steadily rising). 

This 12-hour Udemy course goes into detail about how Facebook works as a marketing platform and how ads can still work for you. 

Price: $139.99

26. YouTube Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to YouTube

Screenshot of YouTube masterclass course page

If you’re looking for a course that teaches you the basics of learning how to promote your blog on YouTube, “YouTube Masterclass” might be the thing for you. With over 10,000 reviews, this course scores an average rating of 4.4. Granted, it’s on the shorter side, but a good starting point for YouTube newbies. 

Price: $19.99

27. The Operating System

Screenshot of The Operating system course page

LinkedIn is a platform where many blogs, especially those in the B2B space, can find an engaged audience. If you’re looking for a course to help you get started, take a look at Justin Welsh’s “The Operating System,” a course with 11,000 happy students. 

It’s a short course – perfect to help you get started on the platform. 

Price: $150

Best PR courses

One of the most effective ways to get traction for your blog is to pitch media, such as podcasts and guest posts. And these courses help you master the art of PR to get featured in the media. 

28. Five Minutes to Famous

Five minutes to famous screenshot

If you want to learn how to manage your PR and get your blog featured on major websites, this is the perfect course for you. You don’t have to be a writer or have huge connections, because Susie’s course is made for complete beginners to get seen. 

In “Five Minutes to Famous,” you’ll learn how to build a brand persona, pitch to editors large and small, and how to create great content for guest posts. 

You’ll also be able to boost your profile in your industry and become a thought leader. I cannot recommend this course enough.

Price: $2,997 

29. Mastering Digital PR

Screenshot of Mastering digital pr course page

If you want a more data-driven approach to building a PR strategy, Brian Dean’s course is the one for you. In this course, you’ll learn his signature “Source Magnet” approach to PR. This includes identifying ways you can measure the return of your guest blogging strategy. 

“Mastering Digital PR” is for you if you want an analytical systematized way of getting PR opportunities with your content. 

The course is accessible to Semrush customers. 

Price: $99.95 per month when paid annually

Best blogging courses to make money

Once you have a thriving blog and you’re building a recognizable brand, it’s time to monetize your blog, unless you’re building your blog to promote an existing business. A few ways to do so are by offering services (such as coaching or consulting), digital products, or affiliate offers. 

Here are the top blogging courses on making money with your blog. 

30. Ultimate Course Launch

My course “Ultimate Course Launch” helps you build a profitable course business from scratch. However, UCL is not for beginners. If you’re at the beginning of your blogging journey, I recommend starting with a service offering like coaching (my “Employee to Entrepreneur” course can help you do that). 

Also, UCL isn’t specifically developed for bloggers who want to monetize their audience but you can use UCL to create a course and leverage your existing blog audience. 

In this short video, I talk more about creating a successful course: 

31. Affiliate Lab 

Screenshot of Affiliate Lab course page

Affiliate marketing is a monetization option for those who want to take a very “hands-off” approach to monetizing their blogs. While this isn’t the top strategy for building a great income, affiliate marketing can be seen as passive income.

“The Affiliate Lab” by Matt Diggity teaches you how to grow traffic and monetize affiliate offers. Matt and his team also update the course every year to make sure that it’s relevant to the Google algorithm.

Price: $997

32. Superstar Blogging

Screenshot of Superstar blogging course page

Nomadic Matt was a successful blogger before he was a business owner. In other words, if you want to learn how to build a business with your blog, take a look at this course. The Business of Blogging focuses on writing blogs and spreading the word about them. 

The SEO module is at an introductory level, so if you’re planning on growing your blog with SEO, you might need to add on a different course, as well. 

Price: $99

33. Pocket Products 

Screenshot of Pocket products course page

Pocket Products is about how to get started with digital product sales. Ebooks, webinars, templates – popular digital products for bloggers. (Note! I personally wouldn’t recommend building a business around these. Instead, focus on a high-level service like freelancing or coaching if you want to make a substantial income.)

This course teaches you how to create, market, and sell digital products. You’ll get a great sales page template that is proven to work and a four-phase launch process to get your products out there. 

Price: $47

Best B2B blogging courses

What are the top blogging courses for B2B business? These are the best courses, which you can use regardless of how niche or “boring” your industry is. 

34. Grow and Convert

Screenshot of Grow and convert course page

Grow and Convert is a B2B content marketing course. In other words, if you run a B2B business and want to use blogging as a marketing channel, this course can help you get there. With the Grow and Convert process, you create a metric-driven content marketing strategy. 

The course teaches you how to create engaging B2B blog content and promote your blog posts. This is a good course for beginners, but the target audience is B2B business owners. If you’re looking to start a blogging business, this isn’t the best fit for you.

Price: $699

35. Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises

Screenshot of Content marketing for b2b enterprises course page

This practical content marketing strategy course by William Flanagan is created for B2B business owners. You’ll learn the fundamentals of content marketing with blogs and social media. 

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The course includes trainings on how to find influencers and other promotional opportunities in your industry. This free course offers a systematic approach to content planning.

Price: Free

Over to you!

Now you know the best blogging courses online. What it comes down to is that you choose a course that includes the skills you want to learn. 

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for attracting more clients daily... without paid ads, social media, or "hustle"!

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