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Blogging for Coaches: How to Grow Your Business in 2024

This is the ultimate guide to blogging for coaches.

Here, you’ll learn:

  • What blogging really is (and isn’t)
  • Why you should blog as a coach
  • How to create a blog that attracts your ideal clients

Want more? Let’s get started.

What is blogging? 

Blogging as a marketing strategy means that you publish content (blog posts) on your own website. 

Every blog post talks about topics related to your services or products. 

So, I, for example, create content that helps people start their own coaching/service businesses, sell online courses, and grow their coaching/course businesses with blogs/SEO. 

Like this… 

blog post example
One of my blog posts that helps new coaches start their six-figure coaching businesses.

I typically don’t recommend blogging for new coaches. If you’re a new coach, focus on strategies that help you get immediate results, such as pitching clients or podcasts or building relationships on social media. (Get a list of my best marketing strategies here.)

Why? Because blogging is a long-term strategy that takes a bit of time to build. In fact, you might need a few months to start seeing traffic from your blog. (But once you’ve built that traffic, you don’t need to spend time on keeping it up because the traffic keeps coming on its own.)

And that’s why blogging isn’t ideal for new coaches who need clients right now

However, just blogging won’t take you far.

People need to find your content to become clients. 

And you can get your blog in front of them by either constantly promoting your blog posts on social media and building relationships in your industry…

Or you can optimize your content for search engines and get traffic from websites like Google–every day. 

Personally, I prefer the latter because it’s much more hands-off.

And as you’ll discover below, search engine optimization, or SEO, doesn’t need to be complicated. It comes down to a few steps. 

But before we look at how to grow your blog, let’s talk about why you should blog. 

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What are the benefits of blogging? 

Imagine seeing an article you wrote on the first page of Google.

The first page of whatever your audience is searching for (such as “health coaching for women” or “best career coaches in New York”)–because Google considers your content one of the best in the world on that topic. 

Think about the kind of first impression that makes on an ideal client.

And how much more likely they’ll be to buy from you because of the trust that instantly builds.

That’s the power of blogging. Let’s take a look: 

Blogging is “automated” and profitable 

Overall, businesses with blogs get 126% more leads than those without one. Content marketing also costs 62% less than outbound marketing (advertising, cold pitching, and so on). And it generates more than three times as many leads. 

The best part is that the more blogging you do, the less you have to work to get clients to your business. 

Let me explain:

When you get clients on social media, you have to constantly publish new content. The lifetime of one social media post is very limited (up to a few days). 

Or when you pay for ads, you have to keep on paying for more and more ads to grow your business.

With your blog, you publish blog posts that start ranking in search engines.

You might need to update those blog posts once in a while to keep your rankings… but you don’t need to create new content every other day. And all the traffic you get is pure profit. 

My blog started bringing in multiple six figures in two years (and it’s growing) 

Ultimately, blogging is a powerful strategy to build a highly profitable business without having to rely on social media or ads. 

I should know:

I added a multiple six-figure income stream to my business thanks to blogging within just two years. (And my traffic–and income from blogging–is growing fast.) 

Blog growth
My blog income growth over the past years.

That said, you do need to know how to blog to get results. 

You can’t just write any type of blog post. (Or worse, slap up a YouTube video or a link to your podcast and call it a day.)

Profitable blogging requires strategic and well-positioned blog posts that are optimized for Google. 

Here’s what you need to know. 

How to create a client-attracting blog 

How do you build a blog that makes clients come to you? Let’s take a look. 

How to create the right type of content for your blog 

To attract clients, build trust, and position yourself as THE expert in your niche, you need the right content. 

After all, there are about 600 million blogs online. 

Your blog needs to stand out.

How? It’s pretty simple: 

Focus on creating the best content in your niche.

With “best”, I don’t mean blog posts that take days to create. 

No, “best” means the most valuable. And value isn’t the same thing as length or how much information you give away. 

Your blog posts need to be entertaining (in the sense that they’re interesting and easy to read, tell stories, and give people what they came for; whether that’s information on how to find the best health coach or how to negotiate their next promotion).  

Your posts also need to include enough “meat” to make them valuable. So a few hundred words likely won’t do because you just can’t jam-pack enough information in a short text.

My sweet spot is typically between 2,000 and 3,000 words. 

That gives me enough space to explain the topic, give the steps, and explain how my readers can implement what I teach them. 

But it could be more. Sort of like when I wrote this epic blog post for GrowthLab (it’s a step-by-step blog post on how I built my business to seven figures… so you can imagine how comprehensive it is):

GrowthLab blog post example

How to optimize your blog

To get found, your blog content needs to be optimized for search engines. 

Search engine optimization means that you make your content searchable. For instance, by using the right keywords. 

Use the right keywords 

Your clients might use keywords like “career coach in New York” to search for career coaches who are available in New York.

Your job is to make your blog post rank for that keyword or search phrase. 

And to the right keywords, use a tool like Google Keyword Planner.

Once you have a keyword, you then use it at least a few times in your blog post to make your content searchable.

There are a few more steps you need to take to make your post findable–read my guide on SEO for coaches to get them all. 

Build links to your website 

However, optimizing your content is one step.

You also need to build your overall website authority. 

You see, Google wants to show websites that are authoritative in their niches/industries.

The reason is simple: They want to offer the best user experience for their users.

The 4-Step Automatic Attraction System

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If someone searches for “get a promotion” and all the results include bad advice or the websites they find are sketchy, people will stop coming to Google–simply because Google doesn’t help them find the answers they’re looking for.

That’s why you need to build your authority in Google’s eyes.

How? The most important step is to get more links from other websites. (And no, I don’t mean links from your Instagram profile or similar… Those links are just not very valuable for SEO because otherwise, people would misuse them.)

A few ways to start getting links is to guest post and become a podcast guest. When those websites include a link to your website either in the guest post bio or podcast show notes, you get a link.

And the more links you get, the better.

However, the best links are relevant (AKA you get them from websites in your industry) and included on highly authoritative websites (such as Forbes, New York Times, or even a local, credible news website).

How to boost your results with Pinterest

There’s more you can do to grow your blog traffic.

You can also use Pinterest to boost your results.

You see, Pinterest is somewhat similar to Google in that it has a search function where people search for information.

The difference is that Pinterest includes image results. Plus, it’s used by a smaller audience.

While most people use Google (around 75%), 28% of people in the US use Pinterest. 

That’s why Pinterest works best for coaches who work with individuals or solopreneurs/small businesses. If you want to reach enterprises or middle-sized businesses, focus exclusively on Google.

But if your audience IS on Pinterest, then the platform is low-hanging fruit.

When you have blog posts on your blog, you can start pinning pins to Pinterest and grow an extra website traffic source. Plus, Pinterest is less competitive than Google so you might get traffic faster than with Google (which can take a few months to kick in).

That’s exactly what I did and now Pinterest sends a consistent stream of clients to my business: 

Pinterest pin example
One of my pins on Pinterest.

And the best part? Pinterest can, to a large extent, be automated. 

If you use a tool like Tailwind you can schedule your pins once a month so that they are published throughout the month–without you having to publish your pins every day.

How to outsource your blog 

Of course, blogging, just like all marketing strategies, requires you to take action. 

You have to write blogs, optimize them, and build links… 

All that takes work. 

Over time, you might want to focus on other things in your business rather than writing blog posts or growing your SEO.

Fortunately, blogging is relatively easy to outsource. (That said, I recommend that you first write and publish your own blog posts. Once you’re at a point where you have at least a few sales from your blog, you can move on to outsourcing.)

You essentially need a few team members:

  • A content writer who helps you write your content
  • A virtual assistant or similar who helps you pitch links 

You can also choose if you want to work with a designer (to create pins and blog visuals). A developer can also help you improve technical aspects of your website (which can help your overall SEO efforts).

Plus, if you have the right systems in place (AKA you have material that teaches your team members how to write content, optimize it, and take the other steps to grow your traffic), you don’t have to spend your time managing your team.

That’s exactly what I do. While I’m still involved in deciding what we publish on the blog and how I position my brand, nowadays I don’t work on the day-to-day aspects of growing it.

However, I use an SEO agency. You might decide to do that, hire freelance marketers, or do it all yourself.

Ultimately, these options help you grow a profitable blog that doesn’t eat up your time. In other words, you scale your business to six figures, multiple six figures, and beyond.

Over to you!

There you have it! Those are the benefits of building a blog as a coach. 

What it comes down to is that you create strategic, search engine-optimized content. As a result, your clients will find you without you lifting another finger.

But where can you learn how to blog and grow your business?

The 4-Step Automatic Attraction System

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My course Clients Come to Me helps you do just that. 

I give you the steps you need to grow your blog with SEO and Pinterest and create a new income stream for your business.

Want to learn more?

My free 4-step automatic attraction system shows you how. 

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  1. Great article; thanks, Luisa.

    As a business coach, I was very interested in your comments on Pinterest, a resource I have thus far not had any real traction within the UK.

    I strongly agree that outsourcing SEO and other digital marketing elements makes sense for new coaches.

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