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How To Be Loved (By Your Community) In 3 Easy Steps

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One of my most valued possessions is a photo-booth strip of pictures—the kind you can buy for a dollar at the movie theater.

It’s worth infinitely more to me than any jewelry, car, or real estate.

And the reason for that is because of the moment it captures with my family. The memory it evokes, and the happiness I remember every time I look at it.

I spent a dollar on it, but for the joy and love it represents, there’s no limit on how much I’d pay.

The reason I’m sharing this is because, at the end of the day, all non-essential purchases are emotional, not rational decisions. And realizing that makes the world of difference between a struggling business and an uber-successful one.

Forget conversion rates and sales funnels for a minute. There’s a much simpler, infinitely more valuable engagement path that your customers follow.

1. Eyes
For most of your consumers, the first time they come across you will be via your website or a piece of marketing you shared online.

This is their first impression of you, and as we first judge someone by the clothes they are wearing, their posture, appearance, and confidence, they’ll judge your brand based on your site design, your photos, and your copy.

Hopefully, they’ll find you attractive enough to want to get to know you better and ask you to keep in touch by opting in to your list.

2. Mind
Slowly, as you consistently provide value to your audience, they’ll become aware of you.

As they grow to know you through your stories, your personality, and your voice, they’ll begin to think of you as a friend whose emails they look forward to receiving every week.

At this point, you’ve earned a place in their minds and their inboxes. They associate you with your area of expertise and recognize your name when they come across it.

3. Heart
Eventually, as you continue to build your relationship, and your customers get to know, like, and trust you, they’ll be open to hearing about what you have to offer, and ready to at least consider it.

To get to this step, simply be yourself. Share your stories and your personality while sharing your expertise.

Need more examples? Take a minute to think about your favorite bloggers and the newsletters you’ve gotten from them, and you’ll realize—what they’re sharing with you isn’t groundbreaking.

But it’s still useful and interesting because they add their perspective and their personality to the otherwise bland facts.

Your people come for the facts you share, but they’ll stay for your stories and your personality.

What in particular about your personality do you think your dream clients will be drawn to? Comment below and let me know—I’d love to hear!


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