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How To Be Loved (By Your Community) In 3 Easy Steps

One of my most valued possessions is a photo-booth strip of pictures—the kind you can buy for a dollar at the movie theater. It’s worth infinitely more to me than any jewelry, car, or real estate. And the reason for that is because of the moment it captures with my

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What Flavor Are You?

One of the first friends I made in college was a guy who introduced himself with this fun fact: “My favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.” Afterwards, my roommate said to me, “He’s the most boring guy I’ve ever met! Who has vanilla as their favorite flavor?!” While I do

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The proven blueprint

for building a profitable online coaching business that frees you from the 9-to-5

Luisa Zhou has helped thousands of students build and scale their own profitable online business. Fun Fact: She's also a former International Space Station engineer.

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