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What Is an Entrepreneur? (+ The Top Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs)

What is an entrepreneur? Good question. The basic definition is: “An entrepreneur is someone who runs a business.”  But if you dig deeper, you’ll see that there are a lot of different types of entrepreneurs. Who becomes an entrepreneur? Why? And what makes entrepreneurs succeed or fail?  Today, you learn what an entrepreneur is, what it takes to succeed (along with successful founder stories), and

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How to Hold a GREAT One-On-One Coaching Session in 2021

Want to know how you can hold an invaluable one-on-one coaching session?  After all, coaching is a skill you can learn — EVEN if you don’t have any experience or a coaching certification. And by being a great coach, you get incredibly loyal clients and can grow your business to six figures and up.  Today, you learn how you can become a great coach and

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Start an Online Business Checklist & Toolkit: The Ultimate Guide

Looking for the best strategies and tools to start your own business? Today, you get the ultimate online business checklist and toolkit to help you run a successful business. This guide includes:  A step-by-step business checklist to start your business  The business software you need to grow your business The 7 best business books A list of resources to help you get started fast And

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How to Create a Coaching Contract in 2021

Are you a new coach wanting to start your business in the right way?  Then, a coaching contract is what you need.  As a business owner, you want to protect your business and make sure you get the money you’re owed, you don’t suddenly get sued by a disgruntled client, and your business is safe. (Spoiler alert: A coaching contract does that and much more.)

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How to Write a Business Plan: The Ultimate Guide in 2021

In this ultimate guide, you learn how to write a business plan you’ll actually use.  You’ll learn: A simple process to create a stand-out business plan. The most important elements of a business plan. How to research your business plan.  How to write your business plan. Templates, examples, and much more.  If you want to make sure that you write a great business plan, this

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How to Start a 6-Figure Business While Working Full-Time

What does it take to start a 6-figure business while working full-time?  Today, you’ll learn: How you can build a business while you’re in your 9-5 How to overcome your fear of starting a business The best business ideas while working full-time  Productivity tips for managing a full-time job and a business  The 4 shifts you need to make to be successful in your business 

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The proven blueprint for building a profitable online coaching business that frees you from the 9-5


Luisa Zhou is the creator of the Employee to Entrepreneur system, which shows ambitious men and women how to build profitable and meaningful online businesses that replace (and exceed) their 9-5 salaries. Fun fact: She’s also a former International Space Station engineer. LEARN MORE


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