Private Coaching

A customized-for-you plan, with specific to-do’s and my personal guidance every step of the way. To take your business to $30K, $50K, $100K, or more…

Every Month

As a coach, entrepreneur, and investor, who’s personally helped 1,000+ entrepreneurs grow their service and info-product businesses to multiple 6-, 7-figures, and beyond…

There’s one truth I can virtually guarantee:

The reason you haven’t yet hit your big revenue goals?

Is not because of a lack of time, resources, or money. (No matter how much it might feel like it!)

The real reason is one most business coaches and courses haven’t told you…Because, frankly, they don’t have the experience or ability to help you with it.

You see, unlike most “business coaches,” I didn’t earn my business stripes coaching coaches who coach other coaches. Or even in the coaching/course space.

Instead, I did it the old-fashioned way…through a “real” business. Like the tech kind that reaches a multi-million dollar valuation.

Even though it ultimately didn’t take off and become a unicorn, I walked away with a CEO-level business education. Earned through actual experience.

Which is how I can say with 100% confidence…

Up until now, you’ve probably only gotten bits and pieces of how to build a massively profitable business. But never the complete picture. (Otherwise, you’d have the revenue and lifestyle you want right now.)

And not only is this preventing you from hitting your goals, but it’s also actually making it even harder for you to grow past your current revenue.

Because, as they say (this being one of the few cases where “they” are right)…

“What got you here won’t get you there.”

Now, that’s a great—and relevant—quote, but I’m not here to parrot motivational clichés. I’m here to give you proven, practical advice.

So let’s talk about the actual gap between your *here* (your current business) and your *there* (the business you want to have)…

How Making $1.1 Million in 11 Months Forced Me to “Break” My Business…And Crack the Business Trifecta (Lifestyle, Profitability, and Growth) As a Result

Let me tell you a quick story from my first year in this business.

It was May 2016, and I’d just officially crossed 7-figures in less than a year. $1.1 Million dollars in 11 months to be exact.

Using my experience with business strategy, I’d created a new launch methodology that allowed me to scale my business faster and bigger than anyone had done before—or has done since—in a single, non-affiliate launch.

But, I had a BIG problem…

I could already see the bottleneck looming in my plan. At least, if I wanted to grow the business without burning myself out.

That bottleneck?

Was me.

I knew I had to figure out a different way to continue growing the business.

So over the next four years, I continued to launch to the tune of millions of dollars and hundreds of clients…

Which, first of all, established my reputation for world-class products and services, proven year after year with hundreds of students…and their results.

And, second, gave me the time and money to test and figure out, well, everything. As in, every single piece (of the entire puzzle) of what it would take to change my business and remove me as the bottleneck…to limitless revenue, freedom, and growth.

*All* it took to figure it out?

Was hundreds of thousands of dollars (spent on tests) and five years of my life, not to mention practiced mastery through client work in countless industries.

These last two paragraphs hint at a depressing reality…

Why Most Coaches and Course Creators Never Reach Even $30K Per Month (and even if they do, they can’t sustain it)

In the beginning of your coaching/course business, you have to be the coach/course creator.

But, at some point, that has to change.

And that point usually happens when you realize that what you’re doing now will never get you to the business and lifestyle you want…

As you’ve seen, it takes a LOT of time and money to figure it out on your own. That’s why most entrepreneurs never get there.

In fact, I probably wouldn’t have either if I hadn’t had a very unique set of advantages:

My in-depth business experience, Asian work ethic, engineering training (so that numbers are my jam, I automatically think in terms of systems, and naturally have a testing mindset), and willingness to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to test and figure things out—not to mention the ability to make that kind of money in the first place.

On top of the fact that personally…

I have a genuine passion for business and marketing, so I happily spend all my time thinking about, learning, and tinkering with this kind of stuff.

And…I don’t have kids.

Which is not to say that you’re out of luck if you don’t share my advantages, don’t have years to dedicate 100-hour weeks to figuring out all the pieces, and don’t have at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest in testing and optimizing every piece of your business.

In fact, that’s kind of the point of coaching (at least the way I do it)…

You get to shortcut all of that with my hard-earned knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Starting with…

How to Close the Gap Between Your Current Business Revenue…And Your Desired Business Revenue

This is the missing piece most business coaches and courses can’t help you with, because they don’t have the experience or know-how themselves.

And yet, it is THE piece that will take you from *here* (your current business) to *there* (the business you want).

And that piece is…

Transitioning you out of the business of being a coach/course creator…

To the business of owning a coaching/course business.

Because as long as your revenue relies on your continued and constant time spent on working, coaching, marketing, and sales…

You are in the wrong business.

So how do we get you into the RIGHT business? With the revenue, freedom, and impact that you desire?

Strategy and Structure You Can Take To the Bank, To the Tune of $20K, $30K, $50K, $100K, or More…Per Month

Let’s be clear: My coaching programs aren’t large mass programs or general courses. There’s a time and place for those. But not when you want to hit multiple-six to seven-figures.

As your coach, I’ll give you a detailed, customized strategy and structure specifically for you and your business.

While the specifics will of course change depending on your situation and goals, here’s an overview of the elements we’ll work on for you:

1. Automated/Predictable Sales

From multiple 6-figures via a single launch to 7-figure evergreen funnels (not to mention selling at all price points, from $9 to $100K+), there’s not much I haven’t personally done or can’t help you with.

This includes all your marketing and sales assets—like sales pages, ads, emails, social media, webinars, live streams, and more. Not to mention your sales strategy. Launch plans. And evergreen funnels.

It doesn’t matter what kind of sales process you want to build. (And if you don’t know, I’ll tell you exactly what I’d recommend based on my experience.)

At the start of our coaching together, I’ll look over your existing system (or map one out for you, if needed) and tell you what’s missing so you can finally hit—and then exceed—your goals.

2. Consistent Traffic

Without this, it’ll be next to impossible to hit your revenue goals, much less do so consistently.

The good news? You’ve got a lot of strategies to choose from.

The bad news? You’ve got a lot of strategies to choose from. And figuring out the right option for you can be tough.

But…the best news?

No matter the strategy, I’ve done it…for myself and my clients. So I’ll cut through the noise and pinpoint the best option for you, given your industry, business, personal strengths, and lifestyle goals.

3. Leveraged Delivery

This piece is key if you want to make more sales… without burning out.

Strategically, that means I’ll help you answer: How do you support more clients (whether in a coaching, course, or hybrid model)? How much should you do yourself? Should you bring on support coaches or teachers? When? What would that look like? How should you pay them?

Personally, I’ll help you work through: How do you find the confidence to lead while coaching or teaching in front of a group? How do you walk the fine line between having strong personal boundaries and over-delivering so your clients get incredible results? How do you energetically and actually handle more clients without overwhelming yourself? What money mindset and energetic reframes will you need to be able to allow yourself to make more while working less?

4. Robust Systems/Team

I’ll show you exactly what systems you need, how to build them, what your team will likely look like, what order to hire in, how to hire, and how to customize everything into a true business that works specifically for you and your goals

This is what will elevate your business from a self-employed “job”…no matter how profitable it is…to a true business.

Where your business runs—and grows—no matter what you’re personally doing.

5. You

Let me let you in on a little secret: 

No matter how good your strategies or tactics, your business’ growth will always be limited first and foremost by your own personal growth.

How big of a business can you truly handle? How dedicated are you to your goals? How resilient can you be in the face of natural ups and downs of business? Are you willing to release limiting beliefs and paradigms that are holding you back? Are you willing to trust that everything you want…and more…is within your reach? 

And, last but definitely not least, are you willing to do what you need to make it your reality?

A Good Coach *Might* Be Able to Explain the Pieces to You… But Only A Great One Can Analyze Your Specific Situation and Give You a Detailed Roadmap for What You Need

And that’s why my clients get the unparalleled kinds of results they do, as quickly as they do.

Not only will you get complete access to my “insider knowledge” of the industry’s “secrets,” how things are done, what works and what doesn’t, and how the game is played…

I’ll also give you structured guidance and detailed feedback on every piece you need: Strategy, marketing, sales, tactics, systems, team, business, mindset, money, energetics, quantum mastery, emotional intelligence, and more.

As long as you’re willing to be coachable and work through what you need to to get to the level you want…

Here’s what I promise:

Tangibly, my goal for you?

Is to help you get to $20K+ months, minimum. (Emphasis on that last part.)

So that each month after we get you out of the coaching/course business and into the owning of your business business, you make back your entire investment in just one month or less.

Your willingness to dig into it [my funnels, copy, positioning, strategy, sales, and marketing] with me made the difference between $15K months, and $70K months.

I just finished my taxes and I tripled my income this year. I’ve been in other business coaching programs and masterminds and never got those kinds of results. 

You are such a lighted being and totally living your purpose. It’s very inspiring to see!

A thousand thank you‘s. 🙏 🙏️ ❤️ ❤️

— Briana MacWilliam,

I'm two days out from the end of the month, and just crossed $45K+ in sales, $22K+ new cash collected.

That’s the most sales I’ve ever had in any single month of my business…ever.

[Surpassing] the $20K-per-month milestone I’d been working on for a while on my own. I’d sticky-taped lots of bits of a business together, but…it was really having an end-to-end system in place that made a huge difference, and allowed me to grow with less stress and more confidence.

I think the biggest thing is just watching the system work. It’s literally like I used to visualize months ago, just seeing those payments coming in at all times of day….which is incredible. 

Can’t thank you enough. Before, the “dream” still felt out of reach. Now it feels real in a way it never did before. You weren’t wrong when you said a lot can change in a few months. 🙂

— Paridhi Jain,

The Just-As-Important Questions Most Business Coaches and Programs Don’t Ask

Most of my clients come to me for help hitting a specific revenue goal or implementing a certain strategy. But, as they start making more money than they’d even dared hope for…

They realize there’s so much more to having a business you love than just the revenue.

For example, take a second to think through these questions…

Take me for example: I crossed over a million dollars in my first year building this business. In a bold, creative, and strategic way that no one had ever thought of before. Or has done since.

And since then, over the past seven years, I’ve grown into one of the premier leaders in this space. Through helping thousands of clients start and scale their online businesses while developing a reputation for having the best courses and coaching programs around.

These days, I don’t do sales calls. I don’t rely on social media. And I don’t run a ton of ads. Because I don’t want to…or have to. Even though everyone else says you *need* these things to succeed.

Point is: I’ve built my business—and my life—my way. While learning, testing, and then breaking, all the rules for how things “should” be done.

And because I’ve tried it all, I can help you figure out what you want (and don’t want), and build a business customized to that. No matter what “common advice” says.

Most years, I take at least a full month to travel. Pre-pandemic, I would hop on a plane whenever I wanted to take an impromptu trip, visit my parents for the weekend, or go somewhere fun with my sister.

Financially, my profits and investments over the years have made me a fairly wealthy woman, with a 7-figure net worth by the time I was 30.

These days, I’m an investor in other businesses, I sit on the investment committee for the Nassau Ventures Venture Capital fund, and I’m in the process of launching a few other businesses of my own later this year.

I love everything I do and everyone I work with…and I’m just getting started.

I share this to show you that I walk my own talk, and know how to help you do the same.

No matter what your goals are—to make 7-figures while working 20 hours a week, to change the world for the better, travel all over, spend most of your time with your kids, have a 7-figure net worth, and/or build a bunch of businesses…I’ll show you how to do it in a way that supports the goals and lifestyle you want.

Discover How Big You Can Go With the Right Support

If you’ve been at this for a while, you’ve most likely invested a significant amount in other courses, programs, and coaches.

Maybe you’ve loved them. Maybe you haven’t.

Either way, they’ve led you here today, and helped you lay your foundation. So that now, you’re ready to soar.

What’s more, you’ve probably honed your intuition for knowing when someone’s full of it, or if they actually truly know what they’re talking about.

In that case, tune into your intuition as I tell you…

There’s only one way to master business as a skill:

Through doing it.

And that’s exactly how I’ve honed my own mastery over the past decade of building offline businesses, growing online businesses, investing in yet other businesses, playing in the start-up world, building this multi-million dollar coaching/course business from scratch, helping countless clients cross 6- and 7-figures…

And developing all the other skills required to do these things. 

I know though that there’s only so much you can believe about someone talking about themselves. So let me share a conversation I overheard at Gary Vee Live, where I was the only female speaker at the event…

A woman asked the host of the event, the CEO of Success Resources, “Why aren’t there more female speakers? I’d love to volunteer myself if you need more.”

Calmly, he said… 

“The speakers at our events are the best in the world at what they do. Can you say the same about yourself?”

That’s why I’m so confident I can teach you these skills too. Not because anyone else said so, but because my confidence in my ability to help you has been fought for, bled for, and earned.

And as long as you’re ready and willing to embark on one of the biggest, and most profitable, adventures of your life to date, it would be my great joy, and honor, to help you achieve—and then surpass—your wildest dreams.

You’ve Never Experienced Coaching the LZ Way…And You’ll Be Amazed by How Much and How Quickly Your Business (and Life) Can Change

Because my coaching programs aren’t a “scaled” part of my business, and are offered more for my personal fulfillment than for anything else, these aren’t massive programs where I don’t know your name or specifics.

These also aren’t hands-off programs where I’m the high-and-mighty coach you can’t reach.

In fact, exactly the opposite.

I cap my EMPIRE mastermind at a handful of clients, and I don’t work with more than a few private clients at any one time either.

This means that when I’m your coach, I’m a true business partner for you. (This is a big reason why my clients get the kinds of results that they do.)

Here’s what that looks like…

We’ll start with a powerful 1-on-1 Kick-Off Call, where I review your specific situation, tell you exactly what—and how—I’d recommend improving, map out a detailed plan for implementing all the pieces you’re missing, and lay out anything else that’s been holding you back. So you know exactly what to do.

Then, you get put into a Voxer chat. If you join my EMPIRE mastermind, it’s an intimate group chat. If you’re a private client, you of course get a private Voxer thread. 

And this is where “it” happens…

Mondays through Fridays, I’m there almost every day, and we’re chatting about anything you want support on…

Whether that’s feedback on a marketing plan, sales strategy, new product, or one of an infinite number of questions you might have about building a multi-million dollar business, thinking like a CEO, hiring, creating systems, managing relationships, building your net worth, and growing into the version of yourself that has all of that, and more.

If you’re in my EMPIRE mastermind, you’ll also get a group coaching call every month to hotseat whatever you want, plus monthly 1-on-1 calls with me to set your focus for the month, map out a growth plan, and talk through the topics you want support with.

If you’re a private coaching client, it’ll feel even more intimate, like I’m co-creating your business with you. Because on top of our private Voxer, we’ll also meet privately twice a month, where we’ll go over anything you want — including reviewing your marketing and sales assets in depth, planning out customized launch and sales strategies, and discussing advanced business + money topics that’ll have you exploding your growth in a way that blows your mind. 

Either way, you’ll get structure, proven experience, my business brilliance focused for you, guidance, partnership, accountability, and my signature no-BS, direct love coaching style.

If you’re looking for your soulmate coach to help you go BIG, and you feel like I might be the one, I’d love to invite you to apply for coaching with me, for whichever option feels like the best fit for you…

— OPTION #1 —

This is for you if you want not only me as your coach, but also the support of a few other big-dreaming — and big-doing — entrepreneurs who share your values and goals. This is powerful not only for learning and growing together—which usually means you do both faster—but also for building your own belief of what’s possible for you, and motivating you as only being in a supportive and abundance filled environment can do.

Note: For you to be a fit for EMPIRE, your business must already be at 6-figures or more in annual revenue, and you must also be willing and able to contribute feedback to your fellow Masterminders too. (All current Masterminders are at multiple 6-figures or higher in annual revenue.)

Here’s what you get in EMPIRE:

The Investment
$6,000 per month for 6 months
$30,000 pay in full

Shall we build your EMPIRE together?
Click the button below to apply:

In the first quarter, I've signed contracts for $200K already!!

We’re going to position quarter two for another $200K or $250K. And there’s still stuff in the hopper that’s waiting to roll in!

I have 3 people on my team supporting me, which is SO freeing. Yesterday I was just chilling, and my business was covered by these women who were working their magic behind the scenes. Which was so freeing and amazing.

Thank you for helping me push out of the box I’d put myself in. I used to think my big dreams were me being arrogant or that I didn’t deserve them. Now I see, it’s what I’m meant for. I’m meant to be seen, to make an impact, and I’m allowing myself to do that. I’m leaning into what I’ve learned from you, and upleveling, and growing.

Thank you Luisa for your realness and your badassness as a great model for feminine power and leadership. Thanks for leading the way in helping us do the same thing. What I love most is that you’re honest and real and open and no nonsense. That’s what helps me see the truth of what I need to do, so thank you!

And I love this container! I love being around others who are in the fight, so I thank everyone else too because being in this space and hearing about what everyone is doing and working on and developing and growing…there’s such power in the collectiveness of others on similar trajectories of greatness.

— Dr. Carol Parker Walsh,

I've had months where I had $20K in sales! (without working all the time)

When I first started with Luisa, I didn’t know much about building a business, and I was working and seeing clients all the time. It was tiring and not how I wanted to run my business.

Luisa helped me create a business model where I wasn’t working all the time. Instead, I was fully supporting my clients while also being able to think about how to grow my business to be bigger than I thought possible.

Luisa helped guide me during the different stages of my business from hiring to creating systems to make my business flow better. And up-level my thinking. As a business owner, she helped me with my confidence and mindset, which was essential to get to where I am now and will help me in the future. She knows what she’s talking about.

Also, Luisa cares about her students and can help see where you need to be to grow your business. So to anyone who’s thinking of joining Empire and working with Luisa, I highly recommend making the investment. It was worth every penny.

Luisa will not only teach you how to run a business, but think like a business owner. Empire and working with Luisa was one of the best decisions I’ve made with my business.

— Adrienne Ngai,

One month after joining Empire, my business made more that month than any previous month that year.

Before I joined Empire, I was itching to grow my business and take it to the next level. But, there was so much advice out there about what to do and what not to do that it was overwhelming to know which strategy or path would work for me. After watching quite a few of Luisa’s Facebook Lives, soaking up all of her free resources, and taking pages of notes, I knew Empire was the right environment I needed to grow.

One month after joining Empire, my business made more that month than any previous month that year. Six months later, I had already doubled what I made the previous year and continued to elevate from there, hitting five-figure months consistently. 

To be honest, I joined Empire to become a better marketer, and I did: I learned how to sell, how to write compelling emails, how to produce content that sells for me, how to create a repeatable system that works without me and so much more.

But, what I didn’t expect to learn from joining Empire was how to think; how to think like a successful entrepreneur who deserves the success I desire.

Luisa has a gift of helping you focus on the “unsexy” work that most coaches shy away from teaching. She helps you not only make money but shows you how to keep it and how to release the limiting blocks that keep you from scaling your business beyond what you could imagine.

If you want to learn the true behind the scenes of what it takes to not just make more money in your business but to scale to 7-figures and beyond while making an impact, Luisa is the go-to expert who doesn’t just stop at the basics but helps you uncover blind spots you didn’t even consider.

— Adunola Adeshola,

— OPTION #2 —

This is for you if you know you like to be the (one and only) star of the show. And, you’re ready to go BIG…and fast.

Here’s what you get as a private coaching client:

The Investment
$15,000 per month
$38,000 pay in full for 3 months

If you're ready to work with me, click the button below to apply:

And hey, if you’re ready for growth and you know it with all your heart, but….

You also feel nervous and scared…

I get it. I know coaching with me is a significant investment.

So here’s what I recommend: Feel into it.

And think through these questions…

If you’re feeling a full YES to all of these questions, and are ready, excited, and looking forward to learning, growing, and making the most of our time together,

I can’t wait to work with you, and I look forward to reading your application!


P.S. I created my coaching programs to help big dreamers and doers get the guidance, support, and accountability they need. Because I couldn’t find a mentor or program like this when I wanted one.

So for me, this is personal. Just as your business—and life—are intensely personal to you too.

That means, if you want to make sure we’re a good fit to work together, I’ve got two things to help you:

First, if you’re a Kolbe Fact Finder Iike me, I have a free training sharing more details on how I’ll help you go from coach/consultant/course creator to 7-figure business owner.

You can click here to sign up and get it.

Second, if you want to chat with me before applying, or simply send me a quick message to confirm this feels right, I welcome that!

The easiest way to reach me is to DM me on Instagram: @luisa.zhou

(And if you don’t hear back within 3 business days, please email [email protected] and my team will remind me to check my messages. 🙂

I still can't believe it...We made $54,000 last month!! And that was passive. I maybe worked three hours a week.

It’s kind of what we had always dreamed of. And honestly, I didn’t know if we would ever get there. A HUGE part of that is working with Luisa because not only did she show us the systems to implement, but she guided us every step of the way, and she also gave really honest feedback.

And that’s what you need, to go from a few hundred dollars a month, to $54,000 a month. Consistently. Ever since working with her, we’ve been trending up and we’ve implemented this now evergreen funnel. And each month it’s getting higher and higher, and we’ve set up a system and a business where I’m actually not hustling all the time.

It’s like what they say: you wake up, you check your phone, and it’s like, “Oh, I just made $2,000 overnight.” And it’s this kind of surreal feeling. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it!

Luisa doesn’t just have this formula where she’s like, okay, just do this, like step one, step two. And that’s it. She actually looks into: What are your goals? What kind of brand is this? What kind of company is this? And you’ll work together to change it up according to you. So it’s fully customized.

And her depth of knowledge always amazes me. I’m always like, wow, I didn’t even think about that. Just to have someone on your team with that knowledge!

The most important thing is that she gives me reality checks a lot and helps get out of my own mind and take action, knowing that I’m doing the right things to lead me to where I want to be.

I now see so much potential with the future and all the possibilities. So thank you Luisa for everything

— Jasmine Katatikarn,

$1 Million in my bank account, amazing clients, and total confidence in my coaching.​

I absolutely control my time and sense of spaciousness, reached a huge mental milestone by creating a month where I surpassed my husband in income…and manifested a business that runs on autopilot.

PS – I also released a major block that was keeping me from the closeness and connection that I wanted to feel with my husband. And I’m convinced you saved my marriage! (An outcome that I never expected when I signed up for business coaching).”

— Jenna Harrison,

Starting in January, I passed $15,000. Then February was $17,000, and then March $18,000.

This month, it’s April 12th, and I’ve already made $10,000. It’s more than what I made in three months(!), just one year ago

And I know it’s only going to go up more because I have a system now.

Also, I feel much more confident. My role, the way that I approach my clients, is completely different. And, I’ve also learned a lot about myself, more than making money. And I see so much more for my future.

Luisa is going to challenge you. But she’s only going to challenge you because you need it. It changed my life. 

So I would definitely recommend Luisa’s coaching to anyone. In fact, I always recommend this, recommend you, to people around me.

— Julie Kim,

In less than a three month time span, I've brought in well over six figures and my projections now based on scaling and the momentum forward are crazy balls...

I first stumbled across Luisa and watched all of about 10 minutes of a Facebook live and had a serious girl crush going on. Luisa just has this energy about her that is so grounding and inspirational and competent. So much just emanates from Luisa that I feel like you automatically get this boost in your own confidence and ability just by being around her energy.

And I was so drawn to her in this really short timeframe that I took the leap to work with her as my new coach. It was a big investment for me. And there was this little voice in me going, “Are you sure about this? You haven’t followed her for very long.” But I also trusted my intuition and just felt like I knew something special when I found it. I am so glad that I went with it!

In less than a three month time span, I have brought in well over six figures in sales and my projections now based on scaling and the momentum forward are crazy balls.

If you had told my past self one year ago, that I would be where I am right now, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I’ve had coaches in the past and they’ve been lovely and amazing in their own way. There’s just something about Luisa that has been such a pinnacle and transformation for me and my business. 

There’s a sense of her having my back whenever I need her there, but also she just has incredible smarts and insight and ideas that she can bring into the picture with me and help me step into the best version of me and help me achieve and push myself in ways that I wouldn’t do on my own.

And sometimes it does feel a little bit blind or like a leap of faith, but somehow when Luisa’s in your corner, it just feels like the right choice. So you just go out and you do it and you grow and you excel so much faster. 

It’s one of the best decisions I ever made in my business. It’s something that will go down in my little history book as so memorable that I’m so grateful for. I think her keenness and ability to support people from all different niches in their business, as they are looking to grow, and help them understand the solid foundation they need to build and how to scale is extraordinarily special and unique.

— Colleen Arneil,

Luisa, what we’ve done together over the past year just blows my mind.

We’ve 10x’d my business in a year. And making more money is really just a small piece of what we’ve achieved together.

We’ve grown the money flowing into my business, but also my skills as a coach, my confidence, how I market myself… the energy & the clarity also 10x!

But the BIGGEST piece for me – it’s the clarity and peace of mind I’ve gained – that really matters to me. It’s such a solid foundation for my business and the rest of my life.

In the past, I felt like I had to give up my life to be able to focus on my business, and through coaching with you, I’ve learned and started living from a place where my life and business support each other, and now I feel at ease.

I’m at such a comfortable place right now, I’ve decided to have another baby! And a year ago, that would not have been in the realm of possibilities. Because now, I know exactly what I need to do in my business, and still have time for myself, for my family, and for the things I care about outside of my business. And do all that with ease, and work less than 20 hrs a week.

Thank you, Luisa, for helping me step into this new calmer-more-powerful-and-more-focused version of myself.

Words can’t really describe how much I appreciate you.

— Dagna Bieda,

In this last launch, that was my highest month and I ended up hitting $35,000!​

I felt like I actually had a business partner. I didn’t go into [coaching] thinking that that’s what I would get, but that’s what I ultimately walked away with, which was phenomenal for the growth of my business.

Before working together, my average was $5,000 a month. And when you have to account for business expenses and taxes, that ends up not being too much. My highest month was $10,000, but it was like I had that month and then my next month was really low.

Now after working together, I would say my lowest [month] would be $10,000. And $10K actually comes from not really putting in too much effort. I took three weeks off last month to travel and I hit that without even needing to work as much!

A big goal of mine was to create a signature eCourse program and do a full out launch. (By the way, I bought an e-course before to help me with my launch and following everything from a to Z, I think in that launch, I made $5,000.)

In this last launch, that was my highest month and I ended up hitting $35,000!

I thought I was running a business before, but then after working with you, I realized I was missing so many components. It’s not something that you can learn from a course or reading an article. 

Before starting, I was really just winging it. But now, I have a whole business plan and strategy. And I would have never learned how to run my business this way. I actually have a strategy and a plan and I know what works and what to look out for and how to measure my results and just, yeah, everything from like running ads to even knowing how to pay myself in my business and really getting my finances on track. We’ve covered everything from operations to marketing, to sales, to copywriting.

You’ve been amazing. You really changed my life and I’m going to cry…I really appreciate you.

— Emily Liou,

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