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Around here, I only teach you what I’ve actually done and mastered. So in each course, I’ll share with you my experience-backed step-by-steps, exactly what I did (and currently do), mistakes to avoid, and behind-the-scenes details for mastering that area in your own business. 

Most of my courses only open once or twice a year for enrollment, so make sure you get on the list to be notified when they open!

The simple, proven, step-by-step system for building a 6-figure service-based business to break free from the 9-to-5.

You can learn more about the Employee to Entrepreneur System in this free masterclass:

The only framework that takes you from scratch to creating your own course or group program and selling it out...

To the tune of $10,000, $20,000, $100,000, or more.

You can learn more about the Ultimate Course Launch framework in this free masterclass:

Go from the frustrated employee to successful, confident entrepreneur by developing the ONE skill that changes everything.

Get my exact process, emails, and templates that took me from 0 to 10,375 email subscribers & $1.1 million dollars in 11 months.

Get my top-performing, proven sales page templates — along with my actual sales pages with analysis — for every type of product you’ll ever want to sell in your coaching/course business.

The foolproof, step-by-step system for creating a webinar that becomes your business’ best salesperson, even if you’re just starting your business.

AKA: Steal (ethically) my secret weapon for making $94,472 in just one hour.

Get the exact templates, systems, and processes—including behind-the-scenes reveals of my personal details and numbers—that I used to build a massively profitable Freedom Business. (In which I now work less than 20 hours a week.)

Over 20 days, I’ll guide you through one powerful content prompt a day, as well as daily recordings of me using that prompt to create an email, live stream, and social media post.

By the end of these 20 days, you’ll have mastered the skill of creating endless amounts of profitable content…in less than 30 minutes a day.

Follow along as I take you behind-the-scenes of my—as of the creation of this course—most profitable sales email sequence to date.

Watch me plan the sequence and write every email from scratch. Along the way, I’ll explain the details behind every “secret,” tip, and technique I use so that you too can start selling out all your offers. With fun and ease.

By the end of course? You’ll know how to do all this for yourself. To sell out every one of your coaching programs and/or courses.

If you’re not sure yet that you want to be a full-fledged entrepreneur, but want to at least dip your toes in and get a few clients, this course will help focus on the only thing that matters right now: getting your first paying clients.

Note: This course contains a small subset of the material taught in Employee to Entrepreneur. So if you purchase this course and decide to join Employee to Entrepreneur in the future, you’ll be able to apply the price you paid towards your Employee to Entrepreneur investment.

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