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It's time to build the business you've been dreaming about.


Employee to Entrepreneur is the simple, proven, step-by-step system for turning your skills and experience into your own online business — that'll finally free you from the 9-to-5 and give you the income to live life on your own terms.

Are you unhappy at your job?

Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck, and wishing you were doing something more meaningful?

Something which gave you more freedom, more flexibility, and more time to live your life the way you want?

Do you wish you had the confidence and knowledge to create the kind of lifestyle you dream about?

What if you didn't have to spend the rest of your life working for someone else, stuck in an environment that suffocates you, and dealing with people who seem to have forgotten that life takes place OUTSIDE of Zoom calls?

What if, instead, you had a business that gave you more freedom, more flexibility, and even more money — so you could live the lifestyle you want, now, without having to wait until you retire?

But leaping and hoping the net will appear just isn’t realistic or sensible, and failing your way to success would take way too long. Not to mention how overwhelming and scary it all is!

Plus, how are you supposed to find the time to learn how to start and grow a business in the first place when you’re trapped working your job for 40+ hours a week?

It’s not like you have a lot of minutes to spare.

Even if you did, you probably don’t want to spend them endlessly combing social media to get clients or watching yet another flash-in-the-pan business coach’s latest gimmicky training.

If you’re going to commit to building your business, you’re gonna do it right.

You want the strategy. You want the step-by-steps. And you want the tried and true system that actually gets results.

Because this isn’t just about today. 

It’s about tomorrow. And next year. And the year after that. 

It’s about your LIFE.

You can make the leap from desk to dream.

From trapped to free.


If you're thinking this all sounds good BUT I JUST CAN'T!

Let me ask you…

Is it not knowing where to start?
Lack of self-confidence?

Is it you have no idea HOW to start your own business and no time to learn because you’re stuck at your job all day?

Those are some big hurdles to overcome. And I get it — you’re probably tired and frustrated with being stuck.

But the truth is: You don’t need to spend your life chained to your desk to pay the bills. You don’t need to waste 8+ hours a day on unfulfilling tasks. You don’t need to work for people who don’t appreciate you.

You only live once and you deserve to make a living, and more, doing what you love. 

And that’s exactly why I created Employee to Entrepreneur.

Employee to Entrepreneur is a simple, proven, step-by-step system that will show you how to build an online business that can replace your corporate income, ultimately freeing you from that jail cell you call a job and giving you the freedom to live the life you want. #abouttime

Imagine having the exact tactics, templates, and marketing strategies you need to leave your 9-5 behind, do what you love, and get paid for it.

This is the same step-by-step formula I personally used to build a 6-figure business in four months BEFORE I left my 9-5. Want even more reason to trust in this system? 3,000+ clients have used Employee to Entrepreneur to build massively profitable businesses of their own.

Building a business is no longer just for "natural born" entrepreneurs. It's for anyone who wants to live life on their own terms.

I joined wondering if it was truly possible. Within 2 weeks, I'd gotten clarity on my niche and my first sale for $2k.

7 months after joining ETE, I had turned in my notice.

– Ruby

Employee to Entrepreneur, the only proven, step-by-step system to build your own profitable business that replaces your corporate income once and for all.

It isn’t just another course. It’s a full-fledged roadmap to freedom.

So want to know what you’ll learn?

Take a peek at the curriculum that’s helped thousands of motivated people make the transition from cubicle to CEO:

Module 1

Clarity Strategy

(Value $997)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Module 2

Your Foundation Strategy

(Value $1,497)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Module 3

Your Marketing Strategy

(Value $2,497)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Module 4

Your Sales Strategy

Sell out your offers (The Strategy)

Selling out your offers (The Tactics)

Selling out your offers (The Sales Calls)

(Value $2,997)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Module 5

Your List-Building Strategy

Go from zero to thousands of potential buyers who can’t wait to buy from you:

Grow your list by thousands…for free:

Skyrocket your business on autopilot with paid advertising:

(Value $2,497)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

And you're not alone.

Meet your Employee to Entrepreneur Support System.

Coaching & Support

60 Days Bonus:

ETE Support
via Email

We’ve helped thousands of people and tested every type of support, so we know what gets the best results for our clients. 

That’s why we intentionally don’t offer a student community. Because we’ve seen that they’re actually not that helpful. You end up getting advice from people who aren’t qualified to help you, and you get distracted. 

That’s also why you get something way more valuable with Employee to Entrepreneur, which I’ve never seen anyone else offer anywhere near our price point:

When you join Employee to Entrepreneur, you’ll also get 60 days of email coaching support with our ETE Support Squad. So you all your q’s answered, get help with anything you need, and jumpstart your business progress.

The Support Squad is comprised of entrepreneurs who have used the Employee to Entrepreneur system to build their own successful business, so they know the system and how to use it to get results. Plus, they’ve been additionally trained by me personally, so you’re getting the best support possible.

The 60 days starts as soon as you join, so you start getting your questions answered asap. And in case you’re wondering why 60 days?

60 days is the perfect amount of time, and we’ve tested this too. It gives you a set timeframe so you’re motivated to take decisive action, which is  the best way to jumpstart your results. 

But it’s also more than enough time to get your foundation set up, start getting results, and start building the habits and skills you need to succeed for the long-term.

If you make use of this bonus, and we truly hope you do, you’ll be amazed by your progress.

(Value $3,000)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Coaching & Support

The ETE Coaching Vault:

20+ Pre-Recorded Coaching Calls with Luisa

You might also be wondering, what about support from Luisa? Can I talk to Luisa if I get stuck?

The truth is, you don’t need a call with me. Because my team and I have spent over a decade building and refining this course, the support you need is already built in for you.

Plus, as a bonus, you get instant access to the ETE Coaching Vault, of 20 pre-recorded coaching calls where I personally answer all of the most common questions, do laser-targeted coaching, and give feedback on copywriting, sales, and more.

There is a wealth of information in these calls, and I recommend listening to them as you would to an audio book or podcast series. So you can play them while you’re on your commute, running errands, or just have some extra time. Even just spending a few minutes here or there browsing through these calls can make a big difference!

My current private coaching fee is a minimum of multiple five-figures, but these are the next best thing — and they’re included as a bonus at no additional cost when you join Employee to Entrepreneur. Because I want you to have everything you need.

As you can see, you are supported in every way possible to ensure you succeed. And this is a support system we’ve tested and perfected for over a decade. While helping thousands of clients. To make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

(Value $15,000+)  Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Employee to Entrepreneur will walk you through your entire transition from 9-5’er to CEO.

When you say YES to ETE, you’re saying YES to:

Plus, you'll also get access to an armful of bonuses designed to give you even better results:

The Employee to Entrepreneur system walks you step-by-step through not just the “what” but the “how to” of building your business. Because we didn’t want to leave anything to chance, you’ll also receive these extra special bonuses, specifically designed to speed up your success even more.

Bonus #1

The Side Business Time Management & Execution System

You’ll get access to the exact same system I used to manage my time and build my business while still in my demanding 9-to-5. No matter how busy you are, this bonus will show you how to get your business going efficiently and effectively. Because when it comes to building the business that gives you the freedom you’ve been missing, you don’t have a second to spare.

(Value $497) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Bonus #2

Gorgeous "Look-like-a-pro" templates

Created by my own designer, you can use these templates for your social media promotions, webinar slides, PDF’s, and client material. The best part? You’ll instantly stand out like a pro from the beginning without having to pay a designer thousands of dollars for it or spend hours on Canva dragging and dropping until your finger hurts.

(Value $497) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Bonus #3

Stand-Out Brand Secrets

This training will show you how to create a gorgeous brand that captures your audience’s attention and stands out from Day 1. You’ll get access to the same knowledge that my branding expert has used for my personal business and to create award-winning campaigns for top companies like Toyota and Nestle.

(Value $1,500) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Bonus #4

Conquer Your Copywriting

The way we’re taught to write in our day job? It’s Boring with a capital B. And I hate to break it to you, but when it comes to the online space, boring won’t pay the bills. This training will help you make the switch from writing like a corporate robot to a live person people can’t wait to buy from.

P.S. It comes straight from one of the top copywriters in the world, who has written for NBC, TBS, HBO, Bravo, and more…on her top copywriting secrets.

(Value $1,500) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Bonus #5

Legal Master Class

LLC, INC, Sole Proprietorship…it’s enough to make anyone go cross-eyed! In this training, I brought in my attorney to answer your most pressing questions about how to get your legal ducks in a row, like “What contracts do I need?” and “What type of business should I set up in the first place?”

(Value $500) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

Bonus #6

Accounting Master Class

It’s not enough to make money. You also need to know how to manage it. This recorded Q&A call with an expert accountant will take the guesswork out of filing your taxes, picking accounting software, handling your deductions, and so much more.

(Value $500) Included in Employee to Entrepreneur

You can create the life of your dreams.

Get started by choosing whichever option is right for you:

Payment Plan



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Pay in Full & Save


Save 16% by Paying in Full!

1 Payment of



Need Help? Have Questions?

We’re happy to answer your questions and help you with your investment decision.

These ETE'ers did it, and so can you!

$80,000 in 4 months...

When we started, I had no clients and no sales. Today, it’s the 4th of the month and I’ve already signed 2 new clients plus sold out my group program so over $40K for the month. Yes. That just happened.

That’s a total of over $80K in just a few months! That includes 2 sold out group programs, being completed booked with 1:1 clients, and a community of over 2,000 raving fans. All created within 4 months of working with Luisa.

Working with Luisa has literally been life-changing. I can’t recommend her enough.

— Courtney G.

There's no better program out there.

Over the years, I’ve invested in programs that promised certain things. But at the end of the day, there wasn’t one of them that truly delivered on the promise of giving me the tools, strategies, knowledge, and insight to get me to where I wanted to go.

Out of all the programs I’ve taken, by far, the Employee to Entrepreneur program created by Luisa for the sole purpose of helping others succeed and reach their dreams and goals, there’s absolutely nothing out there like it…that even touches it.

If you’re willing to do the work, and have a dream of creating an online coaching, consulting, or training business, there is no better program out there.

Mike S.

Made double my investment in just 2 months!

I cannot say enough great things about Luisa! I literally can’t even. Barely a month in her group program & I landed my first 3 clients-from scratch.

Within 4 months after I first signed up, I:

With her gentle, classy, no BS, remarkably clear guidance I’ve been able to grow my group to hundreds, have regular clients without spending my life marketing, and am launching a Mastermind in just a few months!

Summer W.

$0 to $30k in 3 months...

I had left my job and only had 2 months’ savings when I started the program. I knew I had to make it work or else go back to a j.o.b.

With Luisa’s guidance, I went from $0 (doing it on my for the previous 12 months!) to $30K in just 3 months. I hit my first 5-figure WEEK in January so now I know what is possible, I feel unstoppable. I’m currently on my way to my first $40K MONTH!

— Sanae F.

Have we been properly introduced?

Hey there. I'm Luisa Zhou — entrepreneur, coach, investor, and 7-figure business owner.

After taking my first online consulting business from zero to $106K in its first four months; creating a supportive and highly-engaged audience of over 100,000+; and supporting thousands of clients as they break free from their passionless corporate positions, it’s safe to say that I know a thing or two about building sustainable and profitable online businesses. 

But a few years ago, I was smack dab where you are now: unfulfilled and trapped in a job that felt more like a hostage situation. I didn’t know the first thing about starting my business, and I didn’t have a lot of extra time or dollars to spend “figuring it out” or “hoping for the best.”

I knew that if I was serious about turning in my resignation letter for good, then I needed to get serious about building my business too. So I spent all of 2014 coming home after a long day’s work only to plop right back down in front of my computer as I developed the step-by-step system that would allow me to make the jump from 9-5 to online business.

I did it the hard way, but you don't have to. Instead, you can do it the smart way.

Today that same system has helped thousands of people make the leap from Employee to Entrepreneur.

I created Employee to Entrepreneur as the result of over 10 years of business experience, and have invested $75,000+ and thousands of man-hours into developing this course and refining it.

But it was all worth it: We’ve since had thousands of clients use the ETE system with success.

Because ETE contains proven techniques that work.

If you want to start a service-based business online, this system will get you there. Whether you want to offer consulting, freelance, coaching, or done-for-you services, the ETE system will get you there. Do the work, and you’ll see the results.

Employee to Entrepreneur is...

Whether you’re still in a day job and have to squeeze your business activities in at lunch or on the weekends, or you’re someone who’s been at this for a little while, tried a few other programs, and are struggling because nothing’s working, Employee to Entrepreneur is for you.

Did I mention that Employee to Entrepreneur is delivered in fast, easy to manage modules with short videos and Implementation Guides you can zip through anytime? (And yes, by “anytime” I mean on your lunch break or at your desk while no one’s watching — your secret’s safe with me 😉)

All the course videos, downloads, and step-by-step guides are provided in the exclusive member’s only website. You get instant access to EVERYTHING as soon as you join.

This way, you get to build your business learn at your own pace, and when you join ETE, you’ll get lifetime access too.

You are ready to go from Employee to Entrepreneur.

Seriously — you are...

See you inside

People (just like you) who transformed their lives and businesses with Employee to Entrepreneur

I was so scared of investing in my business & afraid of wasting money...

I didn’t want to fall off the program, if it wasn’t what I thought it would be. I was praying that it wasn’t full of fluff.

I’ve gotten my first 2 clients already and now see it can happen.

It’s a good kind of scary!

– Cindy R.

Luisa really knows her stuff!

She really cares about what she’s doing and signing up for her program was the best decision I could have made.

In 8 weeks, I made so much more progress than I’d made in the entire last year attempting to go it on my own. I secured my first clients, gained more confidence, and within just a few weeks, made over $10K in sales.

– Keizra T.

Straight out of the gates, I got a $10,000 coaching contract

I wanted something that was tested and that worked. And it’s been AMAZING. Your material is ridiculously concise. In 5-minutes you can do things that in other courses would take an hour. It’s perfect (because I’ve got all this other stuff to do!). Straight out of the gates, I got a $10,000 coaching contract.

– Spencer L.

$3k in 2 months...

I got 2 clients [for $3K], my first paying clients ever, in 2 months. And most importantly, it felt good (not salesy)!

– David A.


A little over $4,000 in 2 weeks. Follow the step-by-step system… it works.

– Ursula K.

Getting the paying clients really added to my confidence!

It’s everything I’d hoped for. It’s not just a course, it’s a business startup implementation program.

There’s so much I love about ETE, including the coaching call [recordings]. And of course, getting the paying clients… that really added to my confidence!”

– Danny K.

$5,000 in sales after just 3 calls

Joining Luisa’s program has proven to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. She provides results, walks her talk, and really supports me.

To anyone who is looking to work with a business coach to up level your business, my advice is to go with Luisa ASAP. She is THAT GOOD.

– Whitney

ETE has been an EPIC ride, and it has worked wonders for my business

I had no idea how to build a business when I joined, but ETE has broken down so much information to implement and use, and I ended up getting my first paying client pretty quickly using the techniques. You learn to do EVERYTHING. I could go on and on about this program.

If you’re on the fence, please don’t be. It will work wonders for your business.

– Lorisa G.

A big, fat, final WARNING

Can anyone start a business? Yes.

But building a successful business that replaces your salary, gives you real freedom, and allows you to live life on your terms?

That’s a completely different ballgame, my friend.

Just in case you’re thinking about closing this tab and trying to bang out this building a business thing using a mixture of prayer and free Youtube videos, let me save you some serious time.

Results like ETE is known for just can’t be achieved on your own.

If you’d like to avoid crawling back to your old boss, red-faced with an apology at the ready, then you need a comprehensive strategy that shows you exactly how to bypass, sidestep and straight up avoid the pitfalls that most entrepreneurs who try to do it on their own fall into.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re an exception who can “figure it out” and still achieve the results you want. It doesn’t work like that.

It took me over two years, countless all-nighters, and tens of thousands of dollars spent piecing it all together. I created Employee to Entrepreneur because I want to save you from the agony I had to go through—like having to piece everything together over years, being scammed out of five-figures with no results, and being left out in the dark when it came to strategy and sales advice.

In Employee to Entrepreneur, I’ll teach you the exact, step-by-step system I wish I’d had for replacing your corporate income and building the business that will change your life, so you can get to your business’s happily ever after a lot faster than I did.

This is the course that'll take you from:


You had the confidence and knowledge to create a life doing what fulfills you


You could have the flexibility to live life on your terms while working from wherever you want


You didn’t have to worry about money to live the lifestyle you want


You could stop being stuck and finally leave your boring and unfulfilling 9-5



An asset that’ll not only replace your corporate income but also make an extra $5K, $10K, or more each month


A meaningful and fulfilled life, doing work that you feel passionate about


Flexibility to do what you want, when you want


Control over your life and being able to travel wherever you want, dine at beautiful restaurants with your friends whenever you want, and work whenever you want

60-Day Risk Minimizing Policy

Plus, this course does have a refund policy that minimizes your risk – but you have to be serious about building your business.

Let me explain:

You have a full 60 days to try Employee to Entrepreneur. Use it, and if you aren’t satisfied with your results, email us with your completed work and I will refund 100% of your investment. Note that you do have to do the work though—there’s no other way to get results anyways.

View the full refund policy and work required here.

Why do I feel so confident in ETE? This system has worked for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs just like you. They’ve been where you are, they’ve done the work, and they’ve gotten to the other side. I truly believe that if you commit to following the system and being resourceful with taking action, soon I’ll be sharing your story right alongside theirs.

Ready to break free from your 9-5 job
and build an online business that pays you
to live the life you want?

The sooner you start, the sooner you'll see results.

Where will you be in 6 months: Employee... or Entrepreneur?


Still have a question or two? Get the answers.


Hear reviews straight from ETE clients:


Opportunity doesn’t wait for anyone. Grab your seat now.

Consumer Testimonials: Building a business requires hard work and resilience. This program will help you to the best of our ability, but it’s not a replacement for work ethic, resourcefulness, creativity, or persistence. 

That means – as with any business-related program – your results may vary from these consumer testimonials. The testimonials used are of actual clients and results they personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. 

Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. 

Employee to Entrepreneur is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful business, and while we – and the students shown – believe this program gives you incredible and comprehensive guidance, ultimately only you can be responsible for what you do with the information and support…and thus, the results you get.

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