Success stories from real ETE clients

Meet Sanae

Who went from $0 to $30K in 3 months...after a year of trying it on her own with no results.

Sanae was a well-paid sales consultant in the UK. She was able to provide for her two children, and from the outside, had a great thing going.

But she was closing 40 and feeling completely unfulfilled with her life, and she knew something had to change. So she saved what she could and one day, walked into her boss’ office and turned in her notice.

Unfortunately, a year after that daring exit, she still had not made a single dollar in her business and her savings were running out…

I had left my job and only had 2 months' savings when I started the program. I knew I had to make it work or else go back to a j.o.b."

With two months left to make her business work and the clock ticking, she started following the Employee to Entrepreneur system.

She was literally starting from scratch. She had no community, no email list, and no idea how to build them.

But she focused on understanding exactly why people would want to buy from her following the Clarity process I teach in Employee to Entrepreneur, and then followed the marketing plan in the program to the letter.

In just 3 months, here’s what she had to share...

I went from $0 (doing it on my for the previous 12 months!) to $30K in just 3 months. I hit my first 5-figure WEEK in January so now I know what is possible, I feel unstoppable. I'm currently on my way to my first $40K MONTH!"

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