Heads up, NEW Coach:

Once you can book sales calls on command, you will control your income.
Here's how to do that...

The last time I wanted to book some sales calls (or discovery calls, strategy sessions, or whatever else you want to call them), here’s what happened…

All the “ETE Skype call” blocks are sales calls.

That’s over 20 sales calls in just one week! 

Now, to be clear: 

As a new coach, you do not need 20 sales calls a week.

(The week shown here, I was actually aiming for a 6-figure week. And ended up making $105,958. So the point is not the number of sales calls, but the fact that if you know how to book sales calls when you want, you can set—and hit—your own goals.)

In fact, for most new coaches, being able to consistently get just one, two, or three good sales calls every week is enough to start making $5K months, or more.

Think about it…

What would it mean for your business if you could control how many sales calls—which is what drives your sales—you had on your calendar every single week?

If you don't know me, I'm Luisa Zhou.

I’ve helped thousands of coaches go from zero to filling up their calendars with qualified sales calls…so that they finally get paying clients, sell out their coaching packages, and even create months-long waitlists.

And from that experience, here’s what I know: 

It doesn’t have to be complicated to get clients as a new coach. In fact, it shouldn’t be.

And yet, some of the top questions I repeatedly get are:

So if any of these sound familiar...

I have some good news for you:

Getting sales calls can—and should be—simple. What’s more, getting them has nothing to do with…

The *secret* to getting lots of sales calls

Ready for it? Here it is… 

Getting sales calls isn’t about waiting for clients to come to you. Or to find you out of the thousands of other posts and emails they see every day.

The truth is, there are plenty of people right now, who are looking for the solution you have to offer.

So your only job? Is to help them realize that your solution is available to them.

Before we get to “how” to do that, I want you to notice how different this is from what you might have heard up until now…

Because YOU control how many sales calls you get.

You’re not waiting for people to find you.

Which means that this is something you can do RIGHT NOW, no matter where you are in your business. 

And you don’t need to work on your website, get better at marketing, or get better at copywriting first. (Yes, those are helpful down the road, but not what you need to be focusing on right now to get your next paying clients.)

The truth is, there are only a few things that consistently drive sales calls…

And they’re not (at least, when done right) complicated or hard.

That’s why I created…

An up-until-now “secret” series of 4 detailed livestream recordings that I taught to an exclusive group of clients (who paid $3,000+). Where I share my top 4 strategies for getting booked out with sales calls.

Love scripts and real examples? You’ll also see me coach actual clients through the process (so you know how to use what I teach for yourself), give concrete answers to the burning questions I get asked most often, and lay out the tangible action steps you need to take in order to get your next 5 sales calls, *stat*.

Here’s how this training series works:

And by the way, there’s zero fluff or theory inside these classes. (That means no worksheets.)

You'll Learn...

You'll get...

…instant access (and unlimited replays) to 4 of my most powerful and profitable trainings ever:

Video Training #1

What to do to start getting results in your business RIGHT NOW

(Value $297) Included in Get Booked with Sales Calls

Video Training #2

You don’t have to “wait” for clients to find you.
How to find them first

(Value $297) Included in Get Booked with Sales Calls

Video Training #3

The power of free assessments. (Done right)

(Value $297) Included in Get Booked with Sales Calls

Video Training #4

How to make offer(s) that rake in the sales

(Value $297) Included in Get Booked with Sales Calls

Each video includes:

Plus, you'll get this special bonus
I created just for Get Booked with Sales Calls.

Selling Your Heart Out: How to feel good about selling and sell from a place of service. And as a result...make a lot more sales!

Yes, there’s a lot to that title. As there is to this bonus 37-minute video, where I walk you through:

What’s more, this bonus training is just another example of how I walk my talk. And do exactly what I teach you to do in this training series. Namely…

…I love my products and believe in them with all my heart.

…Because of that, I sell from a place of being of service and knowing what I’m sharing is of the highest value.

…And as a result, I get to have lots of fun selling, including coming up with cool ideas like this that I love sharing. That in turn makes my products even more valuable for you. Which then helps me make even more sales.

It’s a beautiful cycle.

And I’ll show you how to create it for yourself inside Get Booked with Sales Calls.

You'll also get my bonus guide:

How to get Fantastic Testimonials

As you get clients, and help them get results, of course you’ll want to ask them for testimonials to help you get more clients.

Yet, “How do I ask for a testimonial?” is one of the most common questions I get. Maybe because you’re not sure how to do it or maybe you feel like you’re imposing or asking for a favor.

Either way, in this bonus PDF, I’ll walk you through the top two mistakes new coaches make when asking for a testimonial, what to do instead, and the 4 questions to ask to get a killer testimonial that helps you build your “street cred” and make more sales.

Get instant access (and unlimited replays) to everything when you sign up below.

What I teach in each video could be a course of its own, and if I were to sell them separately, the cost would add up to over a thousand dollars.

However, I’m packaging them together at a much lower price for a few reasons:

First, the videos.

These trainings were livestreams recorded on my laptop, so the visual quality is not the same as in my digital courses.

Don’t get me wrong: The content is the same best-in-class teachings you’ll always get from me. But I’m factoring the visual aesthetic into the price.

Second, the lesson structure.

While the content is thorough and detailed (as my clients who happily paid $3,000+ can attest to), my trainings (like this one) are different from my courses. 

Because my trainings are usually long-form videos or livestream recordings, you get more details, coaching, and examples.

However, it’s very different from the comprehensiveness, conciseness, and convenience, of my premium courses.

So I’m factoring that into the price as well.

Finally, because I—selfishly—want you to have it.

Basically, my goal is that even if you get just one “AHA!” from this series, you’ll get an epic return on your investment.

If you’ve never purchased a course from me before: This is a great way to jumpstart your progress while also getting a feel for my teaching style. At a fraction of the price of my courses. (Warning: This usually causes people to fall in love with what and how I teach…and become students for life.)

If you’re already a student of mine: Use this series to complement the content you already have, go deeper with your understanding and motivation (almost as if I’m coaching you), and get even better results. These trainings are packed with additional details and AHA’s that I simply can’t fit into my courses. So you never know what hugely profitable gem you’ll pick up on.

Either way, this series is meant to help you get started TODAY.

So if you’re ready to jump right in…

Ready to control your sales calls...and your income?

**Note: All sales are final.**

Wins, AHA’s, and takeaways that’ll start happening immediately (like these comments straight from the actual livestreams):

Ready to control your sales calls...and your income?

**Note: All sales are final.**

Please note: As with any business-related program, your results may vary from those listed. Testimonials used are of my own results or the results actual clients personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. “Get Booked with Sales Calls” is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful business, and while we – and our students – believe this program gives you incredible and comprehensive guidance, ultimately, you do have to do the work.

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