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3 things to know about the LZ community (that includes you!):

Thing #1: Around here, we don’t discount just because we think we *have* to to make sales. I personally don’t, so I don’t teach it either. (You created something amazing—why wouldn’t it be worth the full price?)

Thing #2: That being said, most of us (me – LZ – included!) do love a good sale. 

Thing #3: What many of us don’t love though, is how hard and lonely it can feel when you’re starting a business on your own.

Especially if your own friends and family don’t “get” it.

That’s why I created the LZ Friends & Family Sale:

If your current friends & family don’t get it, build your own “entrepreneurial family” that does. That includes the mentors you choose to learn from.

So what does it look like to add me (Luisa Zhou) to your entrepreneurial family through my Friends & Family sale?

Over the years, while personally coaching well over 1,000 clients, I’ve created several no-fluff livestream recording trainings to help new(-ish) coaches break through the top obstacles that keep them stuck.

Aside from my $25K+ coaching containers, this is the closest way to get access to my in the moment energy, thoughts, and teachings. In my classic to-the-point and results-focused style.

If you don’t know me, I’m Luisa Zhou.

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their businesses, from getting their first client, all the way to scaling to 7-figures.

Here's how these trainings work:

In other words, these are the “quick and dirty” essentials to help you create big breakthroughs and results in your business. Fast.

And as you can see, while these trainings are to-the-point and extremely powerful, they’re very different from my premium courses. (For one, they’re a lot easier for me to create.)

Which is why I’m able to make them even more affordable than usual during my once-a-year Friends & Family Sale.

Ready for your special pricing, my friend?

Let’s start with…

"The Whole Family" Option

Save 65% and get ALL the livestream coaching recordings series (Weekend Empire, Clarity & Clients, Get Booked with Sales Calls, Client Captivation, Social Selling, Offer. Set. Sales.)

Plus, as a bonus, you’ll get my not-available-for-sale Nail Your Niche series as well!

Regular Price $1,617

Sale $565.95 (65% OFF)

Note: Just like with family, there are no refunds.

Let’s make this fun and simple for both of us. Choose the options you want. Get the special Friends & Family price. Enjoy.

BUT, choose wisely (although you really can’t go wrong), because there are no refunds. Not only because you get instant access to everything, but also because the LZ Team is off enjoying the holidays too!

Don’t need “The Whole Family?”
You can also build your own

(If only we could do that with our actual family…just kidding! 😉)

Click on the buttons below for the trainings you want. With each button, you’ll be directed to an individual order form that lets you purchase that specific training at a special Friends & Family price. 

As soon as you complete the order form, you’ll get an email with your log-in information and instant access to all of the training content.

Repeat as many times as you’d like to get all the trainings you want!

Regular Price $219

Just $119 (45% off!)

How to get all the sales calls you want, when you want.

  • The only activities that matter for getting sales calls (which will eliminate about 80% of your current to-do list)
  • How to stop letting the fear of rejection (or actual rejection) hold you back from making the sales you want
  • How to be in control of your sales call calendar (with the right mindset and numerical benchmarks to aim for)
  • Why no one’s responding to your sales posts & how to fix it
  • How to find and reach out to potential clients – without being salesy or rude (including word-for-word scripts so you can just fill in the blank) 
  • The top selling mistakes you MUST avoid (which I see all the time with new entrepreneurs and in the hundreds of pitches I have received over the years)
  • My #1 sales strategy that helped me get my first three clients online (this usually helps my students get their first paying clients online in about two to three weeks)
  • How to go from offering free value to making a sale so you’re not constantly giving free content all the time (naturally and without feeling like you’re pulling a “switch and bait”)…including actual examples and top mistakes to avoid
  • How to make a direct offer leading to a sales call or a direct sale (and when to make which type of offer)…with lots of examples!

Regular Price $244

Just $122 (50% off!)

How to build your business YOUR way and make the sales YOU want by captivating your clients’ attention. (No matter how small your audience is, how private or introverted you are, or how “boring” you think your business story is.)

  • Instantly stand out and command attention after answering this ONE question right now. (Not answering this is the #1 mistake new coaches make that has them getting *crickets* to their posts)
  • How to maintain your privacy and only share what you are comfortable sharing, while creating a deep connection with potential clients that leads to sales
  • How to help your clients realize that they can’t do it on their own and *need* to hire you…without being pushy or salesy. Or directly coming out and saying it.
  • Naturally and quickly become the top choice for your dream clients…without slamming your competition or even having to think about them
  • Charge the prices that you want…and get paid for them with ease when you explain your coaching program in the way I teach you. (This is how I’ve helped my students in 30+ industries—including industries like life coaching and energy healing where you might think you can’t charge premium prices—charge anywhere from $1,500 to $15,000…and have clients happily pay them, without complaint.)

Regular Price $249

Just $124.50 (50% off!)

How to jumpstart your coaching business, with just one action a day.

  • How to guarantee your business success (aka make sure you don’t fail!) before you even begin
  • My 3-part “secret,” aka The Profitability Trifecta, for starting a successful business
  • The proven formula for communicating your “Special Sauce” that anyone can use to stand out
  • The strategy that can increase your revenues by over 6,000% (no that’s not a typo)
  • How to hook your audience and get 100+ likes and comments (I’ll also show you how to avoid those dreaded *crickets* when you post something)
  • The fears that kept me stuck for two YEARS before I made any progress in my business (and exactly how I overcame them)
  • My favorite way to get your first paying client in the next 10 days
  • The missing ingredient that’s Rocket Fuel for your business
  • My step-by-step guide for getting featured on top media sites (including a detailed worksheet that I only share in my $2,000 Employee to Entrepreneur course)
  • A fun brand challenge to bring out YOUR brand voice (including the tools I use)
  • My best tips for starting and growing your own engaged community (these are the exact steps I took to grow my own Facebook group from zero to 1,000 members in less than three months)

Regular Price $222

Just $111 (50% off!)

Finally get clarity on your business idea…by actually getting clients!
  • How to figure out what skill you can monetize right now, who will reach into their wallets to pay for it, and how to get their attention. Aka the right offer, which is much simpler — and more profitable — than the right “idea”
  • The key to packing a business that you can start AND will actually enjoy. To quote one student: “All it takes is one AHA. You will get hooked!”
  • How to figure out where your perfect clients are hiding online — even in industries that are oversaturated with your competitors — and get them to hire you (even if you’re starting from scratch and nobody knows your name)
  • The RIGHT way to do market research (which isn’t what you’ve heard!) I’m going to show you what research is really for (hint: done right it helps you get more clients), and how to do it to prime your business for sales from Day One.
  • The exact, word-for-word scripts to get people chomping at the bit to jump on a call with you, and what to do to troubleshoot if you’re not seeing results. No more posting in Facebook groups and hearing crickets!
  • How to spin your market research into gold (aka paying clients). Many of my students have gotten their first paying clients within two to three weeks of starting their businesses after following these exact steps

Regular Price $333

Just $133.20 (60% off!)

Finally, demystified…
How to use social media to make lots of sales

  • Your social media sales will live and die by your Social Content. AKA: content that’s specifically great for social media (which is *very* different from other platforms). I’ll walk you through how to create that, give you all the content prompts you’ll ever need, as well as the only three types of content you should be sharing (these 3 S’s have defined my own content strategy for years)
  • 90% of selling on social media has nothing to do with “direct” selling. Instead, it’s all about your Social Un-Selling. I’ll show you how to tap into the psychological attraction of social media to make you + your business irresistible to potential clients
  • Bringing it all together for your Social Sales. We’ll cover: How to actually sell on social media. When to know it’s the right time to share an offer via private message. And my top strategies for driving 6-figures via social media…without having to obsess about the algorithm.

Regular Price $350

Just $175 (50% off!)

How to go from offer to sales…TODAY. 

  • How to craft a unique offer—or refine your existing one—so that people are actually excited to buy. (This goes way beyond common advice, like “talking about the ‘results'”)
  • The best strategy to create sales asap, for you and your business
  • Mindset tips to overcome your fears (like, “What if no one buys?”), attract your ideal clients, and make lots of sales
  • Brilliant marketing that grabs your ideal client’s attention…while being simple for YOU
  • The fastest way to sales… and lots of them. Without being pushy, salesy, or out of integrity

Like with your actual family, there are no refunds.

Let’s make this fun and simple for both of us. Choose the mini-courses you want. Get the special price. Enjoy.

BUT, choose wisely (although you really can’t go wrong), because there will be no refunds. Not only because you get instant access to everything but also because the LZ Team is off enjoying the holidays too!

Let’s get a *little* sappy...

Thank you for being a part of MY entrepreneurial family.

When I started my own entrepreneurial journey, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to find other people like me…

People who wanted to do good in the world. Who knew they were meant for more than what others wanted for them. And who knew that in the process they could transform their own lives too.

It’s been one of the greatest honors and joys of my life to build—and to continue to build—a passionate community of smart, kind, ambitious, and honest men and women who have similar values and goals.

That’s why it’s my pleasure to offer this Friends & Family sale as a small gift to thank you for being here.

And I hope that if this is what you need right now, what you choose to add to your own family through this sale will help you jumpstart your own entrepreneurial journey, while knowing that you aren’t alone either.


Please note: As with any business-related program, your results may vary from those listed. Testimonials used are of my own results or the results actual clients personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. “Weekend Empire,” “Clarity & Clients,” “Get Booked with Sales Calls,” “Client Captivation,” “Nail Your Niche,” “Social Selling,” and “Offer. Set. Sales.” are not “get rich quick schemes.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful business, and while we – and our students – believe these programs gives you incredible and effective guidance, ultimately, you do have to do the work.

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