Do you know the #1 factor that has the most impact on your sales (or lack thereof)?

Contrary to popular “wisdom,” it’s not your marketing, audience size, reputation, or sales.

In fact, it’s the thing most entrepreneurs spend the LEAST time on…

Which, cue Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, is a: “Big mistake. HUGE.”

Just how big of a mistake? (AKA: How much is this costing you?)

Well, let me ask you.

What if…

What would that do for your ability to price the way you want? (And sell at that price once your dream clients sensed your confidence and belief?)

How much more in flow and enjoyable would marketing your business feel?

What do you think that would do for your sales?

And how big of a difference would that make to your business?

Because that’s the difference this one factor can make.

Alright, so, what is this all-important factor?

Well, all business can be boiled down to a simple exchange of value…

Usually a service or product, in exchange for money.

Which means that to get to the money part of the exchange, you—as the one providing the service or product—have to…

All of which is officially known as… 

Your Offer.

Which is why your offer—that is, what you’re providing, to whom you’re providing it, and how you provide it—is the literal end-all-be-all of this exchange.

And yet, most business advice tells you to slap together a basic package or course with xx calls or modules, price it at xx amount, and move on.

Which, as you now know, is literally setting you up to fail.

But what if instead, your Offer was so attractive that your clients regularly said…

“I need this! Money’s not a problem."

Well, if you’re like one of my private clients the first time she followed my advice for improving her Offer, and her dream client paid her 4-figures, in full, on the spot, while saying that exact phrase?

Your response might be something along the lines of,

“My jaw just kind of dropped…[that a client would say that!]”

Because my jaw dropped too the first time I realized how much of a difference a great Offer can make…

By the way, if you don’t know me that well yet, "I" am Luisa Zhou.

I’ve helped thousands of personal-branded businesses go from zero to selling out their products, using the exact strategies and methods I teach in my trainings (like this one). In fact, that’s the only way I teach—if I haven’t personally done it, and proven it repeatedly with countless clients in various industries, you won’t find it here.

Before all this though, things looked very different for me. I’d been charging the same (low) price for years. While working my butt off on my marketing and sales.

And, I was starting to resent it!

It felt like I was massively undervaluing my experience, skills, and the results my clients were getting. BUT…

I was also too scared to charge the price that I really wanted to.

After figuring out what I’m about to share with you, I doubled my price at the time…

And sold out that service package within 2 months.

Now, I set whatever price feels good to me, from $19 to $100,000+. (That’s the actual price range of my products.)

And no matter the amount, it always sells. 

With marketing and sales being easy and fun.

Now, I want to show you how to do the same, in…

This is a detailed, 5-part video series, where I break down every piece of crafting an Offer so good your clients can’t refuse—without any violence, of course. From planning your offer all the way to selling it out.

(And yes, I did just reference both Pretty Woman and The Godfather on the same page.) 

As long as you want to sell a service- or information-based product, this training can help you.

In fact, after this training, you’ll…

All in a simple, I-know-exactly-what-to-do-now way, so that you can start implementing…and getting results…ASAP.

This was one the BEST trainings I have taken and believe me I have spent a LOT on trainings. If this one were available to me, I could have saved myself almost $15K easy.

It’s bare bones and to the point. There’s no giant framework that can place you into an infinite loop and make you want to give up.

The way Luisa teaches things allows me to be “productive not just busy.” There’s a huge difference because time is money.

This was my first purchase from Luisa, but it certainly won’t be my last.

- Sandra Simpao

You get instant and lifetime access to all 5 videos…

Video 1

Your Offer

How to craft a unique offer—or refine your existing one—so that people are actually excited to buy. Including the 5 elements every irresistible offer must have. 

FYI – element #2 is the one most people miss, so pay extra attention, and element #3 is a powerful visual analogy that’ll transform the way you think about—and are able to explain the value of—your products forever. 

(And here’s a guarantee: You won’t hear me repeat clichéd advice everyone and their mother likes to parrot, like “talk about the ‘results.'”)

To quote a client during the live recording of this video: 

“I got more from today than I did for something I paid more than 1K dollars for and this is [just] Day 1. I’m so pumped.”

Video 2

Your Strategy

The best strategy to create sales asap, customized for you and your business.

A heads up: 

Using the 3 P’s I give you in this video for determining the best strategy for your offer will be a game-changer. After this, you’ll always know how to pinpoint your ideal clients, the best sales strategy no matter your offer, and how to ensure your clients love the entire exchange. 

Which means, you’ll walk away from this training feeling empowered, knowledgeable, and confident…and ready to start making sales.

I absolutely loved the training as it stripped the learning back to the core steps required to build an offer that resonates with both me and my clients.

I valued the access to Luisa’s insights and experience and the simple format allowed me to tap into my own self-leadership to define my offer and approach without distractions.

I’ve gained so much and have many inspirations to build on – it’s really exciting!”

- Sabrina Ahmed

Video 3

Your Mindset

Mindset tips to overcome your fears (like, “What if no one buys?”), attract your ideal clients, and make lots of sales.

These aren’t woo-woo tips either. These are very tangible steps that make a big difference to your ability to stay resilient, learn from rejections, and use every “obstacle” that comes your way to actually up your game and make more sales.

In fact, one client said during the live recording of this video:

I thought I didn’t need any mindset tips, but this has been incredible and exactly what I didn’t even know I needed.”

Video 4

Your Marketing

Brilliant marketing that grabs your ideal client’s attention…while being simple for YOU. 

A lot of marketing advice feels so theoretical that it might leave you wondering…“But how do I use this?”

I won’t do that to you. Which is why in this training we make it very concrete—via 5 questions to use that’ll transform the way you do marketing forever. (As in, it’ll make your marketing a lot easier, more fun, and authentic.)

Video 5

Your Sales

Sales…and lots of them. Without being pushy, salesy, or out of integrity.

Honestly, I think Melanie said it all…

I absolutely LOVED this course! 

Luisa’s way of approaching sales is different from anyone else I’ve come across. Just thinking about selling and discovery calls used to stress me out, but Luisa takes ALL of the pressure off, and makes selling feel effortless, even fun!

 For the first time ever, I now have an offer that I am confident to offer to my ideal clients, knowing that it will attract the people whom I am meant to work with. 

I cannot recommend this course (and All Things Luisa!) enough 😊❤️

- Melanie Brancker

Get the training at an incredible value when you sign up below.

What I teach in each video could be a course of its own. After all, each video is over an hour and a half long, and teaches things that clients have routinely told me they paid $1,000+ for…without getting nearly as much value as from one of my videos.

However, I’m packaging them together at a much lower price for a few reasons:

First, the videos.

These trainings were recorded on my laptop, so the visual quality is not the same as in my premium courses. 

Don’t get me wrong: The content is the same best-in-class teachings you’ll always get from me. 

But I’m factoring the visual aesthetic into the price.

Second, the lesson structure. 

While the content is thorough and detailed, my trainings (like this one) are different from my courses. 

Because my trainings are usually long-form videos or livestream recordings, you get more details, coaching, and examples. 

However, it’s different from the conciseness and convenience of my premium courses. 

So, I’m factoring that into the price as well.

Finally, because I—selfishly—want you to have it.

Basically, my goal is that even if you get just one “AHA!” from this series, you’ll get an epic return on your investment. 

If you’ve never purchased a course from me before: This is a great way to jumpstart your progress while also getting a feel for my teaching style. At a fraction of the price of my courses. (Warning: This usually causes people to fall in love with what and how I teach…and become clients for life.) 

If you’re already a client of mine: Use this series to complement the content you already have, go deeper with your understanding and motivation (almost as if I’m coaching you), and get even better results. These trainings are packed with additional details and AHA’s that I simply can’t fit into my courses. So you never know what hugely profitable gem you’ll pick up on.

Either way, this series is meant to help you get started TODAY. 

So if you’re ready to craft an offer that you and your ideal clients love…And make lots of sales with it…Enroll now to get instant access to the entire training.

After clicking the button below, and submitting your order, you’ll automatically receive an email with your login information to access Offer. Set. Sales. in the course membership site.

After that, you’ll have lifetime access to the content, to listen and use in the way that works best for you.

This training is a must-have if you are creating a coaching program/course offer!

I’m a seasoned product manager well-versed in product marketing and sales, but this training took it to a whole new level! Not only did Luisa show how you can be authentic in your marketing in a way that speaks to the heart and the mind, but she also made it easy and fun.

You’re sure to walk away with tons of ideas to create your next offer or do a complete makeover of the ones you already have!

- Joanna Wen

**All sales are final.**

Please note: As with any business-related program, your results may vary from those listed. Testimonials used are of my own results or the results actual clients personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, results, or income level, nor are we responsible for your success or failure. “Offer. Set. Sales.” is not a “get rich quick scheme.” It takes time, effort, and dedication to build a successful business, and while we – and our clients – believe this program gives you incredible and comprehensive guidance, ultimately, you do have to do the work.

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