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Welcome! I'm Luisa Zhou, a money-magnetizing Business Architect for passionate women like you, ready to live life on their terms and create businesses as big as their dreams.

Building your dream business can be hugely overwhelming...

home-aboutpic01Like the “hide under your blanket and binge watch Downton Abbey until the notion to create your own business passes” kind of overwhelming. Until now. Other coaches, courses, and websites hand you one-size-doesn’t-fit-all solutions or vague ideas you have to implement on your own.

But not me. I’m here to be the architect behind your big business dreams, beam by digital beam. A successful entrepreneur with a knack for making money, I’ll share with you everything I did to create my own successes (five-figures within the first month of business successes). Plus, I’ll map out a step-by-step customized blueprint for your financial success so you can finally get that first paying client (and the next, and that next one after get the idea).

Waste more time on self-taught courses or coaches that don’t fit? Not you. You’re smarter than that. And I’m here for you. To ensure you get exactly what you want from your business.

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