For if you’re not ready for one of my full-fledged courses, but are ready to get started with your business.

…Or if you simply want more of the details, examples, and energy around becoming an entrepreneur and building a successful online business.

AKA: These are themed recordings of me teaching & coaching on a specific topic. 

What’s more, since most of these are recordings of trainings I originally created for my live coaching programs or advanced EMPIRE mastermind, it’s the closest thing to getting my coaching (aside from actually getting my coaching)… at a fraction of the price.

How are LZ trainings different from LZ courses?

You can either get these trainings on their own, or use them as complements to any of my courses.

And, even better?

Because these trainings are designed to help you start learning from me at a more accessible price point than my courses, you can buy any of these trainings—and start binge-watching asap—whenever you want:

Get the 10 in-depth livestream recordings that 20,000+ Weekend Empire Challenge participants have used to figure out their business idea, make fast progress, and get their first clients… in just 10 days.

If you’ve been trying to get “clarity” on your business idea, ideal client, or what you can sell…guess what? You’re focusing on the wrong things! 

Instead, I’ll show you the *only* thing you need to get clarity on, AND…how in the process, to actually get clients!

How to get all the sales calls you want, when you want. 

(Hint: It has nothing to do with waiting for clients to find you. In fact, it’s exactly the opposite. When done right, YOU are in control of your sales.)

The key to building your business YOUR way, standing out, and getting your dream clients? You have to captivate your clients’ attention.

This series will show you how to do that no matter how small your audience is, how private or introverted you are, or how “boring” you think your story is.

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