If you can

dream it

I'll help you

build it

Welcome! I’m Luisa Zhou

and I’m a Business Architect for you - the woman with big dreams wanting to build your own 6-figure+ business.

In other words, I’m all about helping you make money working for your dreams instead of someone else’s.

Right now, I’m sure you’re feeling scared, confused, and overwhelmed. (Is this even possible? How do I find clients? Is it going to take me years? Why would people even want to buy from me?)

I understand, because I’ve been there myself.

When I started my first business (and to a lesser degree, my second and my third), I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to make it happen. I didn't know anyone personally who'd done it, and my friends and family thought I was crazy for even thinking it might be possible.

I knew there was something more to life than the path laid out in front of me

Honestly, I was secretly afraid they might be right—deep down I wondered if I'd really be able to build my dream business without having any special connections, luck, or piles of money. But what I did have was an idea and the faith that there was something more to life than the path laid out in front of me.

Now I run a 7-figure business, all from working with my dream clients.

I've been featured in high-profile publications like the Huffington Post, elephant journal, Elite Daily, and am consistently making more money from my business than I ever dreamed of. (And like you, I have big dreams.)

It's almost enough to give a girl whiplash! Luckily, I can afford the medical bills.

That’s what I want for you…

And I’m here to show you how to get there.

How exciting does that sound?

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Why do I love helping women with big dreams
build their own businesses?

I was destined to play with the corporate big guns—or so I thought.

Since I was a little girl, I’d wanted to be the CEO of a major corporation. Can’t you just picture it? The power, the money, the prestige? It seemed like the perfect way to channel my big dreams. As far as I was concerned, it was fate, and I was all in.

So I did the normal climb, becoming the big kahuna of a team managing millions of dollars in advertising revenue per year by the time I was 25. By all accounts, I was really “making it,” and I had the six-figure salary, the high-rise condo, and the proud parents to prove it.

But life always looks different on paper.

They say it’s lonely at the top, and holy 401K, is it ever! I realized that the goal I had set for myself wasn’t at all what I wanted. Even if I was promoted to CEO, I’d still be missing out on the things that truly mattered.

Could I really see an entire future full of endless meetings and missed family time? Of rising to challenges that were still way below my potential? Of working my tail off for someone else’s business instead of my own? It’s supposed to be everyone’s big dream (and it was mine too!), but the closer I got, the more it felt like a prison.

Are you nodding your head because you know exactly the feeling I’m talking about?

I knew I had to do something or else live with regret for the rest of my life. I was scared, but I closed my eyes and went all in. Because I had no other choice.

How could I tell it was working?

  • Because I made over $100,000 in sales in four months, while still in a 9-5
  • Because my first group program launch alone sold over six figures
  • Because people tell me that our work together has completely increased their bottom lines and transformed their lives
  • Because for the first time since I started working, I feel supersonic passion swelling up inside my heart and flooding my brain with the fulfillment and excitement that never came from a 9-5

But that’s not enough for me—I want these things for you too.

In fact, I need them for you. You need them for you. The world needs them for you, because when you stand up for what you believe in, you give the world permission to do the same.

You know how a building comes together beam by beam? We have the power to do that together. We can envision it, we can design it, and we can breathe life into it so it stands tall and proud on its own. This isn't fluffy, head-in-the-clouds daydreaming. This is side-by-side, tactical dayDOING.

An office in someone else’s building was never enough for me, and it probably isn’t enough for you either.

Take the whole damn building.

Are you ready to get your
first paying clients?

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I used to build a 6-figure business while still working a 9-5.

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Care to get personal?

Lean in and I'll tell you a little more about me...

  • I’m Southern girl (everything’s bigger in Texas!) turned East Coaster with Chinese immigrant parents. That means I appreciate a cold sweet tea and a quilted Chanel bag equally. I can soothe you with a drawl or tell you the firm truth you need to hear too—but I’m never ever EVER rude. That’s not the kind of world I want to live in.
  • My dreams are built on pixels and steel structures. In past lives, I’ve been an International Space Station engineer, a mobile payments start-up co-founder, and a digital advertising manager for companies looking to fuel their marketing with artificial intelligence. Any way you slice it, I’m a true blue nerd. And I like it like that.
  • Family is hands-down the most important thing to me. In the span of 2 years, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, my father had an emergency life-saving surgery, and my sister suffered a freak snowball injury that threatened to take her sight. That probably has a lot to do with why I’m such an advocate for freedom in your life—because when you have it, you can spend it on the people who mean the most to you. And for me, that’s them.

I leave you with this parting thought: Downton Abbey = life. In the great words of Violet Crawley, “You’re a woman with a brain and reasonable ability.” Let’s use them to do something incredible together.

You don’t have to stay stuck, afraid, or overwhelmed anymore.

It's your time to shine.

Professional Bio:

Luisa Zhou a Business Architect for women ready to build their dream multiple 6-figure businesses. Among a few other things, she’s also a former International Space Station engineer (on Earth).

When she’s not busy trying to remember all the things she’s done in past lives, you can find her being super productive on Facebook or enjoying time with her high-school sweetheart in New York.

For her stories, tips, and inspiration on trading your job for entrepreneurial freedom, visit www.luisazhou.com.