The little-known key to finally "getting" money...

So you can take back your confidence & control.

But first, let’s talk about what ISN'T the key:

Sure, these things can help to a certain degree.

BUT ultimately, they’re “band-aid” solutions. (That’s why they don’t work for most – which unfortunately, you might know from hard-earned experience.)

Before I get to what works, let me answer this important question…

What do “I” know about this?

Hi, “I” am Luisa Zhou.

Over the past near-decade, I’ve personally coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs, helped thousands more through my courses, and hundreds of thousands through my free talks, interviews, posts, videos, blogs, and emails. 

(Not to mention myself having studied and practiced every aspect of money you can think of to break my own patterns and go from being a girl who was taught that a $60,000 salary was the moon and the stars…to building a multi-million dollar business.)

As a result, I’ve learned what works through the only metric that matters when it comes to business and money…

Actual experience – and results.

What I’ve seen again and again is that…

It doesn’t matter how high your vibe is or how hard you work if your Money Mindset is not confident & in control.

But it also doesn’t have to be complicated to change that:

(1) Learn how money really works. 

I’m not talking about budgeting or the economy. I’m talking about the not-so-logical way money responds to your Mindset – which wealthy entrepreneurs know, even if most can’t fully explain it.

(2) Discover how to pinpoint your unique beliefs about money so they stop holding you back.

Often, these beliefs are such an established part of our identities that we don’t even realize they’re there! 

(3) Learn what to do to change your Money Mindset to one that will support you in making a lot more money…with a lot less struggle. 

Contrary to popular unwisdom, this is NOT as trivial as “deciding” to believe something different. It takes a bit more than that to change beliefs that you’ve held for decades.

But how to master all this is what you’ll learn inside…

A 4-part video series that’ll help you understand the Mindset of Money. So you can finally feel more confident and be in control when it comes to money – especially making more of it.

Here’s how:

Video 1

The Key to Mastering Your Money

Video 2

Transforming Your Money Mindset

Video 3

The Mindset of Growth

Video 4

Get Unstuck by Facing Your Fears

Plus a very special bonus video...


Accelerating Growth

(AKA: “Collapsing Time”)

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These videos were originally recorded exclusively for my private mastermind clients – who pay $30,000+ per year.

But I’m taking this series out of the “vault” because I’m tired of hearing about so many entrepreneurs who pinned all their hopes on a “band-aid” solution…only to feel utterly defeated or like something was “wrong” with them when it didn’t work.

My mission is to help as many entrepreneurs as possible get real and lasting results with their money…by teaching you how to alter your Money Mindset to take back your control and confidence with money, once and for all.

What’s more, I’m offering this series at a special price for a few reasons:

First, the videos.

These trainings were recorded on my laptop, so the visual quality is not the same as in my premium courses.

Don’t get me wrong: The content is the same best-in-class teachings you’ll always get from me.

But, because we’re all about excellence here in LZ-land, I’m factoring the visual aesthetic into the price.

Second, the lesson structure.

While the content is thorough and detailed, my trainings (like this one) are different from my courses.

Because my trainings are usually long-form videos or livestream recordings, you get more details, coaching, and examples. (Which I believe is *just* as important to mastering a topic as the step-by-steps you get in courses…that’s why I create these trainings!)

But, it’s different from the conciseness and preparedness of my premium courses. 

Which means these are a LOT easier (read: less expensive) for me to create.

So, I’m passing those savings along to you via the price.

Finally, because I—selfishly—want you to have it.

Basically, my goal is that even if you get just one “AHA!” from this series, you’ll get an epic return on your investment.

If you’ve never purchased a course from me before: This is a great way to jumpstart your progress while also getting a feel for my teaching style. At a fraction of the price of my courses. (Warning: This usually causes people to fall in love with what and how I teach…and become clients for life.)

If you’re already a student of mine: Use this series to complement the content you already have, go deeper with your understanding and motivation (as if I’m coaching you), and get even better results. These trainings are packed with additional details and AHA’s that I simply can’t fit into my courses. So you never know what hugely profitable gem you’ll pick up on.

Either way, this series is meant to help you start changing things TODAY.

That means if you’re ready to transform your Money Mindset…

So you can finally feel confident and in control with money…

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