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The 5 Types of Content You Need to Be Posting in 2023

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You know what’s boring? Doing the same thing over and over again. And that goes for writing too! Switching it up with different types of content gives you inspiration and makes it fun and saves you from falling asleep at your keyboard. SNORE.

But you’re a professional, so you have to create content that’s professional. Right? Isn’t that in the rulebook somewhere?…

Sort of. But being an entrepreneur isn’t your mama’s kind of “professional.” It’s a laptop lifestyle, let your hair down, we can see your tattoo kind of professional. At the end of the day, it just comes down to being YOU. You are the professional in your business.

So how do you create the content that shows the world you’re the professional expert at what you do? These are my favorite 5 types of content to get you noticed, get you loved, and get you hired:

1. Show off your expertise

You want people to know what you stand for, what your unique message is, what you believe in, and how you can help them. Do it by sharing value and putting on your teacher hat.

2. Show off your relatability

People buy from people they like. It’s not logical or academic—it’s about a feeling. If people like you, they trust you. (And in case you’re wondering — yes, you’re very likeable.) Share the struggles you went through to get where you are now. Let people peek at your before pictures. Tell us the mistakes you made along the way. Be vulnerable. Be honest. Be human.

3. Show off your entertainment skills

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due for this one, and that is the talented Bushra Azhar. People don’t go to the internet to read text books. They go for the cat videos. When you’re sharing something valuable, add in a story or throw in some humor. If you’re writing a step-by-step process post, give examples people can relate to, and see themselves in.

4. Show off the emotion

Evoke the emotion in working with you—and not working with you. People purchase services based on how they feel, so make ‘em feel something with your content. Talk about the pain points they’re going through. Talk about what life will be like for them after they hire you. Paint a picture with your words.

5. Show off your fun side

What are 3 crazy facts about you? (1. I worked as an engineer on the International Space Station. 2. I dated my now husband for 10 years before we got married. 3. I bake cupcakes that are so good, they’ll melt your face.) Where do you live? (New York!) What’s your favorite junk food? (Wasn’t someone just talking about cupcakes?…) Ask questions. Make people guess things. Do a quiz. Get creative. Go wild.

You don’t have to be the person posting quote images all the time; your library of content can be as vast and wide as the titles in an actual public library. It keeps people on their toes—and shows that you really know your stuff!

How are you using these 5 types of content in your business? Let me know in the comment section below!


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Luisa Zhou has helped thousands of students build and scale their own profitable online Freedom Business. Fun Fact: She used to work as an engineer for the Space Station and holds a B.S.E. from Princeton. Click here to learn more about Luisa.

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