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29 Best Coaching Podcasts You Should Listen To in 2023

Wondering what the top coaching podcasts are? 

You’ve come to the right place. Today, you’ll get the best podcasts in the coaching industry to learn how to grow a successful coaching business.

Read on to learn more. 

We’ll cover: 

Coaching business podcasts

Business coaching podcasts

Life coaching podcasts

Leadership coaching podcasts

Health coaching podcasts

Mindset coaching podcasts

Career coaching podcasts

Best coaching business podcasts

Want a podcast that will help you learn more about running a coaching business? These podcasts cover how to build your coaching business and be a great coach.  

The Coaching Masters Podcast logo

The Coaching Masters Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (308 ratings)

Hosts: Dayana Taylor, Lewis Raymond Taylor, and Liam James Collins

The Coaching Masters podcast is all about helping you become the best possible coach you can be. Hosted by coach educators Dayana Taylor, Lewis Raymond Taylor, and Liam James Collins, it dives deep into topics like managing clients, running a coaching business, and the latest techniques for success. The episodes are 30 to 60 minutes on average. 

The Coaching Crowd logo

The Coaching Crowd

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (186 ratings)

Hosts: Jo Wheatley and Zoe Hawkins

The hosts of The Coaching Crowd are accredited transformational coaches with a background in corporate HR. Here, they offer quick, actionable tips on becoming a great coach. 

In their podcast, they teach high-level techniques you can use to help your clients achieve their goals. Plus, each episode is just 20 to 25 minutes on average, so you get bite-sized answers to your coaching questions every Monday morning. 

The Coaching Podcast logo

The Coaching Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (20 ratings)

Host: Emma Doyle

The Coaching Podcast takes a different approach to educating coaches on how to succeed. Every week, host Emma Doyle interviews expert business and sports coaches on how to unleash your client’s potential. 

Why sports coaches? Because training athletes to have a strong mindset and overcome challenges overlaps with every type of coaching. The episodes are 40 minutes long and teach you how to motivate clients. 

The Coaching Hub logo

The Coaching Hub

Reviews on iTunes: 5 (46 ratings)

Host: Ruth Kadzi

The Coaching Hub hasn’t been active since 2022, but it still has a ton of gems in the archive to explore different coaching methods. Created by Ruth Kadzi, these short episodes target topics every coach has about starting a coaching business. She also has interviews with other coaches, psychiatrists, and therapists who all give their expert perspectives on coaching skills. 

Want 20-minute episodes with unique information about coaching philosophy and technique? That’s what this podcast offers.

Coaches Rising logo

Coaches Rising

Reviews on iTunes: 4.6 (82 ratings)

Host: Joel Monk

Coaches Rising is an interview-based podcast. So, every Friday, the host speaks to a different expert coach in their field about a specialist topic. From building an online course to the future of AI in coaching methodology, it’s part education, part theory to empower you to become a great coach with your own point of view. 

These episodes are one-on-one and 30 minutes long. You get a deep dive into coaching methods and actionable tips to help you improve. 

The Coaching Life logo

The Coaching Life

Reviews on iTunes: 5 (20 ratings) 

Host: Phil Goddard 

Renowned coach and speaker Phil Goddard leads The Coaching Life podcast with solo and interview episodes. His solo episodes have expert insights on creating a great coaching life, and he gives tips on coaching philosophies, managing your business, and engaging your clients. 

The guests range from executive coaches to philosophers who talk about what coaches can do to win at life. Episodes aren’t on a schedule, though, so this isn’t a weekly or monthly podcast. 

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Natural Born Coaches logo

Natural Born Coaches

Reviews on iTunes: 5 (121 ratings)

Host: Marc Mawhinney

Natural Born Coaches is an interview podcast with episodes every Monday. Here, host Marc Mawhinney interviews top names in the coaching field to bring you a unique insight into coaching success. 

This podcast focuses on the practicalities of the coaching business. So, you’ll learn about group programs, outsourcing, automation, and more. Episodes are under 30 minutes on average.

The Coach's Journey logo

The Coach’s Journey

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (16 ratings)

Host: Robbie Swale

How can you lead by example as a coach? How do trauma and past experience affect your clients’ results? And how can you be more authentic as a mentor? 

These are some of the questions The Coach’s Journey answers. 

This is an interview-based podcast led by leadership coach Robbie Swale. The mission? To help coaches like you create a sustainable, meaningful coaching practice. 

The Coach’s Journey releases one episode every month, and every episode is over two hours long.

Coaching Uncaged logo

Coaching Uncaged

Reviews on iTunes: 4.6 (22 ratings)

Host: Animas Centre for Coaching

Coaching Uncaged is an academic look at coaching practice and theory. Love psychology? Then you’ll find it particularly interesting. 

Each episode is around one hour and 15 minutes long, and you’ll hear from experienced coaches on their coaching perspectives. The topics can be super niche – for example, coaching environments, single-session coaching, and diversity within coaching. 

Mastering Coaching Skills logo

Mastering Coaching Skills

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (201 ratings) 

Host: Lindsay Dotzlaf

Mastering Coaching Skills is a podcast hosted by life coach Lindsay Dotzlaf. Using a combination of solo and interview episodes, she guides you through improving your coaching skills every week. The length of the episodes varies from 20 minutes to over an hour. 

So, there you have it! Those are the best coaching business podcasts. For more insight on what it takes to start a coaching business, check out this video:

Next, let’s look at how to build your business coaching company. 

Best business coaching podcasts

Looking for the top business coaching podcasts? These podcasts help business and executive coaches improve their skills and provide the best coaching out there. 

Business Coaching Secrets logo

Business Coaching Secrets

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (72 ratings) 

Host: Karl Bryan

Business Coaching Secrets is great for every business coach with a hustle mindset. Here, host Karl Bryan looks at business tycoons like Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, and Tony Robbins to see how they got to where they are today. 

Each one-hour episode is high energy with special guests, sound effects, and actionable advice every time. The audio can be a little rough, but the value is always worth it.  

Top Executive Coaching logo

Executive Coaching for Business Owners

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (14 ratings)

Host: Tony Mayo

Tony Mayo is an executive coach, MBA, author, and speaker. And, though his podcast is no longer active, he still has a rich archive of episodes on effective executive and leadership coaching skills. He provides quick informational tips in an easily digestible way, and listeners love his simple, practical approach to creating amazing results.

Okay, now you know what the top business coaching podcasts are. But what about life coaching? Let’s take a look. 

Best life coaching podcasts

Some of the best life coaches in the world have podcasts to inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be. Here are seven of them.

The Life Coach School logo

The Life Coach School Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (8.5K ratings)

Host: Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School podcast is a resource for life coaches to learn new skills, build a great business, and wow clients. Some episodes are short and sweet at just 20 minutes long and others are up to an hour. 

The host, Brooke Castillo, runs one of the most popular life coaching schools in the US. In other words? She knows what she’s talking about. Plus, with special guests bringing their expertise to the podcast every month, this is a great resource for experienced life coaches and new coaches looking to expand their skills. 

Let it be easy logo

Let It Be Easy with Susie Moore

Reviews on iTunes: 5 (429 ratings)

Host: Susie Moore

Susie Moore is a PR maven and extraordinary entrepreneur. Her positive energy will uplift you every time you tune in. She has a mix of five to six-minute episodes for a quick dose of motivation and hour-long interviews with inspirational people who have achieved great things. So, if you want to add an uplifting podcast to your library that teaches you how to have an easier, more joyful life, this is the one for you. 

The Tony Robbins Podcast logo

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.3 (6.1K ratings)

Host: Tony Robbins 

Tony Robbins is the ultimate life coach. He paved the way for so many coaches to imagine a world where we can make an impact on millions and make millions – while doing it himself.

Tony’s podcast is a front-seat ticket to his proven strategies and tactics to uplevel your life and business. His solo or interview-based episodes are over an hour long, and he shares plenty of great business and life advice in each one. 

The Marie Forleo Podcast logo

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.7 (151 ratings)

Host: Marie Forleo

Marie Forleo is THE thought leader of the moment, and her podcast is an entertaining mix of interviews, meditations, and motivational clips. She’s a master at giving value in unique ways every single week, and guests include business owners and celebrities like Daymond John and Matthew McConaughey.

Some episodes are over an hour long, while some are just three minutes. 

You Can Heal Your Life logo

You Can Heal Your Life

Reviews on iTunes: 4.4 (177 ratings)

Host: Louise Hay 

Louise Hay is one of the best-known life coaches for all things mindset, wellness, and spirituality. Hosted by her production company, Hay House, Louise brings you short episodes with some of the world’s influential thought leaders to elevate your thinking and change your outlook. Her podcast is great for spiritual coaches because she often mentions esoteric topics and how they can transform your life. 

The School of Greatness logo

The School Of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (13.2K ratings)

Host: Lewis Howes

The School of Greatness is one of the most popular podcasts out there. With millions of listeners, host Lewis Howes knows how to create an entertaining podcast that’s perfect for entrepreneurs and coaches looking for inspiration. 

Get motivated by hearing the stories of wildly successful people, including thought-leaders like Brené Brown and entertainers like Wayne Brady. Here, Lewis and his guests share how they achieve their best lives. 

The Mel Robbins Podcast logo

The Mel Robbins Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (5.2K ratings)

Host: Mel Robbins 

If you love Mel Robbins’ famous TED talk, you’ll love her podcast. She has a no-BS attitude that translates well into a podcast. 

The episodes are around an hour long, and each one covers a game-changing topic that will transform how you think about life and business. This is a great podcast for life coaches to learn from because few people can motivate and communicate as Mel can. 

Okay, those are the best life coaching podcasts. Next, we’ll look at the top executive coaching podcasts. 

Best leadership coaching podcasts

Leadership coaching is a skill that requires mastery. These podcasts provide leadership coaching tips for all executive and leadership coaches out there.  

Coaching for Leaders logo

Coaching For Leaders

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (1.2K ratings)

Host: Dr. Dave Stachowiak 

Coaching For Leaders, an excellent executive podcast, is a weekly podcast in which Dr. Dave Stachowiak interviews CEOs, business analysts, thought leaders, and professional coaches on the mechanics of great leadership. 

As a leadership coach, you’ll learn how today’s leaders can excel in their fields – and how YOU can help them do that. This podcast is so high-value that it’s consistently ranked as one of the top management podcasts on Apple podcasts. 

Art of Coaching logo

The Art of Coaching

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (583 ratings)

Host: Brett Bartholomew

The Art of Coaching is one of the best coaching podcasts of all time. Led by famous performance coach Brett Bartholomew, this weekly podcast aims to give you tools and strategies to empower your clients. 

You’ll learn practical techniques like how to ask powerful coaching questions, think strategically,  and combat self-sabotaging behaviors. And, even though this podcast is particularly useful for learning leadership, performance, and business skills, you could also apply it to life coaching, health coaching, and everything in between. 

Excellent Executive Coaching logo

Excellent Executive Coaching

Reviews on iTunes: 4.6 (65 ratings) 

Host: Dr. Katrina Burrus

If you’re an executive coach wanting to uplevel your business and connect with your clients in different ways, this interview-based podcast is a great find. Host Dr. Katrina Burrus is a certified coach with a wide network of talented executive coaches, ready to share their expertise on coaching the highest-performing executives in your niche. 

You’ll learn how to coach within a company, sell your services to high-end clients, use technology to improve your practice, and so much more. Open your mind to new ways of running a thriving executive coaching business with this weekly dose of valuable content. 

Coaching Real Leaders logo

Coaching Real Leaders by HBR

Reviews on iTunes: 4.7 (318 ratings)

Host: Muriel Wilkins

The Coaching Real Leaders podcast is hosted by longtime leadership coach Muriel Wilkins. What makes it unique? Muriel lets you in on full coaching sessions with real clients to show you how she helps them improve their leadership and performance skills. 

This is a great podcast to learn how to structure a coaching session, the types of questions an expert coach may ask, and how a coach can guide a client to amazing breakthroughs in just one session. Each episode is around an hour long, and she has seasons of weekly content. 

The latest season just started in April 2023, but there are four more seasons to catch up on in the archives. 

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That’s it! Those are the best leadership coaching podcasts. Next, let’s continue with health coaching podcasts. 

Best health coaching podcasts

Sometimes, podcasts for coaches are too business-focused. So, health and wellness coaches, this is for you!

Coaching Real Leaders logo

Health Coach Conversations

Reviews on iTunes: 4.6 (25 ratings) 

Host: Cathy Sykora

Founder of the Health Coach Group, Cathy Sykora created this podcast to put health and wellness coaching front and center. Using impactful informational interviews, Cathy expands your mind with new concepts on human psychology, habit change, and mindfulness. 

She also speaks to experts on how to grow and sustain a thriving health coaching business, covering topics like boosting your revenue potential, how to plan a coaching session, and how to use podcasting as a marketing tool. 

This podcast offers a holistic view of health coaching – as a coach and as a business owner. Episodes vary from 20 minutes to one hour long, with over 100 episodes in the library.

Catalyst 360

Catalyst 360: Health, Wellness, and Performance

Reviews on iTunes: 4.9 (106 ratings)

Host: Dr. Brad Cooper

If you want to focus less on the business strategies behind becoming a coach and more on learning wellness concepts, this is the podcast for you. Catalyst 360 is a podcast created to educate and entertain listeners on how to optimize the mind and body. 

Host Dr. Brad Cooper is a biology and physical therapy expert. He brings in thought leaders and researchers on a wide range of topics like sleep, heart health, journaling, nutrition, and so much more. He also speaks to health and wellness coaches about their views on industry growth and what’s next for practitioners in the field. 

Episodes vary from around 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the topic. 

Okay, now you know what the top health coaching podcasts are. Let’s move on to mindset coaching podcasts. 

Best mindset coaching podcasts

If you want to learn how mindset is key to unlocking your clients’ success, these podcasts can help. 

The Anxiety Coaches logo

The Anxiety Coaches Podcast

Reviews on iTunes: 4.7 (1.6K ratings) 

Host: Gina Ryan

Though anxiety coaching is a small niche, The Anxiety Coaches podcast has valuable information for every mindset or recovery coach out there. Host Gina Ryan discusses stress management, PTSD, OCD, panic, and overall mental health. As a mindset coach, you’ll learn about how the body reacts to anxiety and how you can use science-backed techniques to help clients cope.

Unlocking Us logo

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

Reviews on iTunes: Not available on iTunes

Host: Brené Brown

Unlocking Us by Brené Brown explores vulnerability, courage, connection, and relationships through her empathetic lens. Each episode provides insights on mastering mindset and embracing human psychology in your coaching practice. 

And that’s it for the top mindset coaching podcasts. Next, let’s discover the best career coaching podcasts. 

Best career coaching podcasts

What are the top career coaching podcasts? Learn from other amazing career coaches and career experts by tuning into these podcasts.

The Exclusive Career Coach logo

The Exclusive Career Coach

Reviews on iTunes: 4.7 (47 ratings) 

Host: Lesa Edwards

The Exclusive Career Coach is a podcast for job seekers and career changers to improve their career trajectories. But it’s also a great listen if you’re a career coach. Why? Because it’ll give you ideas on how to help YOUR clients do the same. 

Lesa Edwards is a seasoned career coach with a wealth of knowledge on career confidence, leadership skills, mastering interviews, and leveraging networks to get ahead in your career. 

By listening to Lesa, you’ll hear another expert coach’s perspective on these topics. Plus, you’ll learn what people are asking career coaches, which can help you serve your clients better. The podcast contains over 200 episodes, each under 30 minutes.

Work Life logo

WorkLife with Adam Grant

Reviews on iTunes: 4.8 (8.7K ratings) 

Host: Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant wants the world to know that loving what you do is possible. This podcast features interviews with some of the world’s leading professionals to learn how they carved their paths. 

So, as a career coach, this podcast can inspire you to think outside the box when coaching clients. It covers topics like how the modern working world is transforming, human performance psychology, imposter syndrome, the science of motivation, and much more. 

Each episode is just under an hour long, and previous guests include actress Reese Witherspoon, cellist Yo-Yo Ma, and sci-fi writer Andy Weir. 

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Over to you!

There you have it. Now you know the best coaching podcasts to listen to today. You have a pretty sizable list to work through!

When you’re done, though, let me know in the comments below:

Which is your favorite podcast, and why? 

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