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Coaching Package: How to Sell High-End Coaching

Want to learn how to sell high-end coaching packages? Today, I show you how to create a coaching package that sells so that you can get results like these:

Client testimonial

1000+ of my students in 20 industries have all taken these same steps that I share here below.

Ready to learn more about creating transformational coaching packages? Let’s dive right in. 

How to sell high-end coaching packages
What should your coaching package look like?
How should you price your coaching package?
How to name your coaching package
What about group programs and online courses?
Coaching package examples

How to sell high-end coaching packages 

If you want to succeed as a coach, you need to sell the right types of coaching packages that people WANT to buy. 

Because look: People love paying for coaching. 

According to Harvard Business Review, the median hourly cost of coaching was $500 in 2009. The industry has changed a lot since then and so it’s possible that this figure is even higher now depending on the niche. 

But to sell your coaching packages, there’s one thing that you need to understand…

The value of your coaching isn’t in the number of calls you offer or any other features. Instead, it’s about the transformation your clients get.

Let me explain: 

Your clients care about the results you help them get. That’s what they pay for, not the time you spend supporting them. 

Yes, in the beginning, you will likely spend more time helping people (while you learn how to coach). 

But the point is: Over time, you will spend less time on client work, while your rates increase. 

That’s because people couldn’t care less about whether you spend 5 hours or 10 hours helping them, as long as you support them in getting results.

That’s also why, as a coach with integrity, you need to have skills and results in what you want to help others with.

Maybe you’ve achieved a goal yourself (lost weight, earned money, or something else) or you’ve helped others do it. 

Either way, you have the experience — and now it’s all about sharing that with the world.

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What should your coaching package look like?

Let’s start from the beginning:

How should you structure your coaching package? 

I recommend most coaches and consultants to start with a 3-month coaching package. This is long enough to help clients get some type of results (even though the specific results depend on your industry). 

I talk more about it in this quick video:

At the same time, a 3-month coaching package is not TOO long. 

If you offer a 6-month coaching package or a year-long commitment, you might find yourself “stuck” with these clients. 

Think about it: 

What if you’ve overpromise and realize this when you start working with your clients? 

If you don’t like them? 

Or if you just figure out that you don’t like doing things in a certain way? 

Longer coaching commitments are also harder to sell because your client needs to commit to working with you for so long. 

How should you structure your 3-month coaching package?

Wonder what your 3-month coaching package should look like?

First, don’t spend too much time thinking about this. Your time and energy are much better spent getting new clients and supporting them. Instead, use the simple structure I recommend here below and get started selling your services. 

(Side note: Want a guide on how to get coaching clients? Here you go.)

The structure looks like this:

With a 90-day coaching package, you can offer weekly calls that are about 45-60 minutes long. In between these calls, you offer support in the form of emails, texts, or Voxer. 

In this way, you make your clients feel supported. Even though not all clients will take advantage of the extra support you offer, they have the opportunity to get in touch with you more flexibly than having to wait for weekly calls. 

The thing is:

To learn as much as possible and to help your clients get great results fast, you’ll want to overdeliver, especially when you’re just starting out as a coach. 

This is not the time to look at your profit margins and how much time you’re spending on each client. There’s a time and place for that.

Instead, what you want to focus on is to help them get results.

Because if they get results, you get testimonials

And testimonials mean that more clients will trust you and pay higher rates.


At the same time, “overdeliver” doesn’t mean “work yourself to death.” 

The smart thing to do is to only offer ONE support channel (such as email) so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. 

(Just think about it… Ever tried to keep up with ALL the social media channels, your email, and your different messaging apps? Of course you have. And you know what a time-suck they can be.)

Accountability thread
Here’s one coaching thread in my own mastermind group. See how you can give a lot of value with the support you offer?

And I always let my clients know that I will reply within 48 hours. Often, I’m much faster than that, but this gives me leeway for when I, for whatever reason, have to take a few days to get back to people. 

Image from Japan trip
Like when I traveled to Japan with my family. I could work for about an hour a day because I had these systems in place.

What should you include in your coaching package?

Something a lot of new coaches ask me is, “Even though I know my stuff, how do I know what to put into my package?”

When you’re first starting out, you probably don’t have perfect clarity on what you want to include in your offer. You know what you’ll help them with, but it’s always slightly different when you’re in the trenches, working with clients.

The secret “hack” you can use here? 

To create your package, you actually let your clients guide with what their questions are and what they need help with. That’s the best way to create your package because it’s customized for them.

In fact, it usually takes 1-3 clients to figure out what you should include in your coaching package to help them in the best way possible. 

And to know how to initially structure your coaching package (before you’ve had a single coaching call)? Identify this ONE thing:

What’s the big end result clients get after working with you for 90 days? 

This will be different for each industry. For example, maybe you can promise that people will lose a certain amount of weight or that you’ll help them get a specific number of job applications done within the three months you’ll be working together. 

When you’ve identified that end result, map it out to 2-3 benchmarks that you will help your clients hit at the end of the month. These benchmarks should be results-oriented. 

Want to know what this looked like for me? 

When I started selling my 90-day package, I came up with the following benchmarks:

Month #1

Helping clients get clarity, take their job skills to build a coaching or consulting company, find a business idea, and start building an audience.

Month #2

Helping people build and engage an audience of a certain number of people.

Month #3

Helping clients get 1-3 paying clients.

I didn’t know the exact details, but I knew that these were the results I wanted my clients to achieve during our time together. 

And before this business, I was running a digital advertising consulting company (which made me 6-figures in 4 months). The same thing applied:

Month #1

I helped my clients set up their assets, landing page, and ads.

Month #2

Clients started to test ads, establish benchmarks, and get their first results.

Month #3

We optimized ad campaigns by creating better ads and improving metrics (like costs for leads). 

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This is how to get raving fans and testimonials with your coaching package 

When I got my first digital advertising coaching client, I was happy for the money I had just made… But then reality hit me: How could I, who had never coached anyone, get through our coaching calls? What would we talk about? Would she feel supported? 

I’ve always been something of an over preparer, so I did what I always do: I prepared so much that NOTHING could go wrong.

I pretty much wrote down every single word I would say during the call to make sure that we covered everything. 

That’s right: I spent 3 hours preparing for a 1-hour call. 

After that, I did the same thing for the second call by drafting exactly what I was going to say. This time, it took a little bit less time, around two hours. 

And then the same thing for the third call.

This made me feel comfortable about the calls. And for my next clients, I had already done the work, so I just leveraged that. 

Now, I’m not saying that you need to prepare for three hours for your coaching calls (I just love to feel prepared). But do whatever it takes for you to be confident when you’re first starting out.

For example, before your first call, map out what you’ll cover during the call. Your notes can be in the form of a script or an outline, whatever works best for you. 

At the end of your call, you know what people will need to work on for the second call. Then, you prepare for that call in the same way you did for the first call. And the same applies to call #3.

Does this involve a lot of work initially? You bet.

But as you’re new to coaching or consulting, it takes a bit of time to learn how to coach. After about three clients, you will start to understand what your clients’ questions are when, which will decrease the time you put into work with your clients. 

By then, you’ve already created all the material, like PDFs and worksheets, for your clients. Think about it this way: You’ve essentially gotten paid to create material for your coaching business and this material can be reused time and time again.

By giving your first few clients an unparalleled experience by overdelivering, your clients get results faster and you get testimonials, which help you sell your coaching package. 

This was how I started getting my first testimonials, which ultimately got me more and more clients. These are the type of results my clients got: 

“A little over $4,000 in 2 weeks… [Luisa] knows what she’s doing… obviously”

And that’s how you craft a selling coaching package. 

How to create a coaching package that works for YOU

By client #5-6, you will most likely have an efficient system in place. You’re no longer using time to prepare for every call, follow up on them, and so forth. Instead, you’ve created a system you can apply to every client after this. 

Because listen: It shouldn’t be overwhelming to work with private coaching clients. After all, you probably don’t want to start a business that’s stressful or sucks up all your time.

Great news: With these processes in place, you can start to decrease the number of calls you offer during your 3-month coaching package (because by now, you know your client base intimately). You might go for 45-minute long calls instead of an hour or modify the length of your offer. 

At this point, you know what YOU like and can adjust your offer accordingly. 

How to create boundaries for your coaching

At one point or another, you will most likely have a client who refuses to pay or asks you to give them more support than what you’ve agreed on. 

How do you create boundaries for yourself in these situations so that you can continue serving your clients, but doing it in a way that you enjoy? 

First, create a contract with clear rules on what types of refunds you accept. Do you give any refunds (in accordance with your local legislation) and in which circumstances? 

Personally, I recommend that you don’t give refunds for your services. Services are not products and you won’t get the time you’ve invested back. 

Want to learn more about refunds? I talk more about them here: 

And remember: You’re a coach, not your clients’ mother or teacher. You’re not supposed to do their work. They have to do it themselves. Treat them with respect by keeping in mind that they’re adults who are responsible for their own actions. 

How should you price your coaching package? 

We’ve covered how you structure and create your coaching package. 

Awesome, right? You can just get started working on your offer.

Well, before you do that, let’s talk about something that makes many people feel uneasy: Your price. 

There are pretty much three ways in which you can do this:

  • Per package
  • Per month
  • Per hour

My personal favorite is to charge per package

The reason is simple: 

Monthly and hourly commitments don’t set out a tangible goal for you to hit. The pricing will inevitably be more about the time you spend coaching someone rather than the results you help them get (which are WAY more valuable to your clients). 

At the end of the day, you can price as you want if you can show that you help your clients get results. 

That’s why we talked about overdelivering to your first, few coaching clients. With those testimonials, you have a lot of room to increase your prices. 

But when you’re just starting out, you shouldn’t overthink your rate. Instead, focus on getting clients, helping them get results, and then increasing your rates. 

The best price point? Start with $1,500 paid-in-full and $550 paid month-by-month for a 3-month coaching program. The reason you’re charging more for monthly payments (about 10-20%) is that it’s increased convenience for your clients and more risk to you. 

Your first coaching offer rate

And remember: People are paying for results, not your time. If you position it like that, you’re offering a high-value trade. 

In fact, just to give you some perspective:

In the past, I’ve paid $18,000 for health coaches to support me in getting healthy, eating well, and feeling good about myself. That was worth it to me and I didn’t look at the coach’s worth or the number of hours that we used on my transformation.

Now, once you have a few testimonials from your first clients, you can move to increase your rates. By now, you’ve improved your coaching and you are better at helping your clients get results.

Increase your coaching rates

Feel like you’re not worth it?

You might be thinking, “Who am I to charge this much?” 

Well, the first coach I ever worked with told me flat out, “That’s too much” when I said I wanted to charge $5,000 for a 6-month coaching package. 

That made me second-guess my price. Was I asking for too much? 

But you also have to realize this:

First, I don’t subscribe to people saying, “Charge your worth.” What does that even mean? Nobody pays for someone’s worth, they pay for the transformation they get. Keep this in mind.

Second, if you’re confident in the value you bring, what you’re charging should be a great investment. 

And even if $1,500, $5,000 or $10,000 can sound like big numbers, they aren’t necessarily. When I first sold a coaching package and wanted to figure out what I wanted to charge, I did the math. 

I figured I would be doing weekly calls, which would end up at 12 hours over a six-month period. And I factored in the time I would spend on supporting my clients through email, as well as preparing for calls, all that type of work. Ultimately, I calculated that my hourly rate would be around $60. 

And think about it. $60/hour is actually not that much, especially when you factor in taxes and other expenses (your internet connection, the material you use, the resource you use to further educate yourself and so forth). 

This was a bit less than what I was making hourly at my job at my 6-figure job at the time and having done this calculation, my rate felt fair in terms of the value and support I was providing clients.

Plus, people LIKE expensive more than cheap.

A study of fake painkillers showed that the more expensive painkiller was perceived to work better than a cheap brand.

With a higher price, you clients might just appreciate your services more.

You can test different prices!


Your prices aren’t set in stone. 

When I got my first client, I had initially given a lot of free support. For two weeks, I basically coached her for free. She happily agreed to my $5,000 price tag.

Payment first paying client
My first sale! While my first client said “YES!”, I had to test different price points to sell my offer. 

But when I tried to sell that same coaching package to other people, who I hadn’t helped for free for so long, they said, “That’s too much.” 

No wonder: At the time, I didn’t have any reputation online and no social proof.

I decided to lower my rate to $1,500 for a 3-month package to get a few quick wins. That’s when things started moving again and people were happy to pay my rates. After three clients at this price point, I shifted back to $5,000 and didn’t look back.

The point is: Your prices aren’t set in stone. You can change your price like that and test different prices for different coaching packages. 

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How to name your coaching package 

One thing I get asked all the time is this:

“Luisa, how do I name my coaching package?”

I get it. You want to find a clever name that will make your program stand out.

But hear me out on this. You don’t need to name your coaching packages. 

And definitely don’t overthink this. It’s MUCH more important that you focus on getting those first clients instead of coming up with a perfect name (which you can anyway change later). 

The thing is: If you overcomplicate your coaching package name, you risk confusing your potential clients and your program ends up not selling at all. 

Instead, you can simply say:

“Private coaching to get (result)” or “Bootcamp to get (result)”

One of my bestselling offers was called “Business Bootcamp.” While the name is descriptive, it wasn’t so much the name that sold the offer, but instead the relationship I had with my audience and my offer. So don’t overthink your name and go for whatever explains your offer the best.

And today, many years into my business, I have a mastermind group, which is called “Empire Mastermind.” I came up with this name years after I started my business, so if you’re not coming up with the “perfect” name, don’t stress it. 

Mastermind screenshot
My own Mastermind group. But I didn’t come up with this name when I first got started.

Other words you can use are:

  • Consulting
  • Framework
  • Method
  • Kickstart
  • Blueprint
  • Program
  • Transformation
  • Strategy 

What about group programs and online courses?

You might be thinking:

“All this sounds good, but what about group programs and online courses?” Well, I have the answer for you and the steps you should take now.

Online courses

What I would say when someone comes to me and says, “I don’t want to do any coaching, I want to start with courses” is this:

Coaching is what helps you understand how to market and do sales with your audience. You learn what makes them tick and WHY they buy from you. You get the right language to talk about your offers. 

And coaching helps you better understand how to teach. For example, all the courses I have nowadays are the result of taking my coaching clients through the content first. If you don’t go through this process, you might miss things that are stumbling blocks for your audience.

To create a course, you don’t need a ton of clients, 3-5 are enough. You can then take your learnings and package them into your course (and make it way, way profitable much faster than if you FIRST started out creating courses).

Want to learn more about courses? Read my in-depth guide here

Group programs

If you want to create group coaching programs, you basically take the same content you develop through your private coaching. You can set up weekly group calls instead of private coaching calls, which will help you scale your coaching business by leveraging your time.

The support from a group is often even better than private coaching because people are able to see each other’s progress and learn from each other.

In terms of price, you can keep it close to your private coaching. The value is still the same if not greater. 

In my own group coaching program, my students get the same, if not more, support as my private clients did. Again, it’s not about the time you spend with your clients, but their transformation.

Coaching package examples 

Now you know how to create coaching packages that sell. Want a few examples of what they can look like in real life? Here are some of the coaching packages that my own clients have put together and are selling successfully.

Life coaching packages

Claudia Parada, Energy Coach

My student Claudia, an Energy Coach, offers a 3-month energy coaching package and a group program. 

Claudia Parada client example

Health coaching packages

David Alsieux, Health Coach

David helps his clients get healthy with herbs. He started out offering a 3-month coaching package and has since then transferred to online courses.

Coaching client example David

Career coaching packages

Emily Liou, Career Coach 

Emily started out offering a career coaching program. Today, she offers group coaching programs, courses, and accelerators.

Cultivitae coaching client example

Adunola Adeshola, Career Coach

Adunola is a career coach for millennials. She offers private coaching, as well as group programs and courses. 

Adunola coaching client example

Financial coaching packages

Lucy Moy, Real Estate Investment Coach

Lucy is a real estate investment coach who helps people make an income. She offers private, 3-month coaching programs.

Condolife coaching client example

College consulting packages

Julie Kim, College Consultant

Julie started out offering private coaching for college applicants. Now, she helps her clients with private consulting, as well as self-study courses. 

Julie Kim coaching client example

Marketing consulting packages 

Nichole Simms, Retail Consultant

Nichole is a retail consultant who helps retail store owners sell more. She currently offers a 3-month consulting package. 

Creative Visual Solutions coaching client example

Mindset coaching packages 

Jacquelynn Peterson, Mindset Coach

Jacquelynn is a mindset coach who offers 3-month coaching programs. 

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Over to you!

That’s it, now you know how to put together a coaching package that sells and makes a real difference in your clients’ lives. What it comes down to is remembering that you’re selling a transformation and that you shouldn’t overthink your coaching packages or pricing. 

Follow my proven formula in this post and focus on getting more clients in your business so that you can hand in that resignation letter and work on your business full-time. 

Now, I’d love to hear from you:

What will your coaching package look like? 

Let me know in the comments below.

Hope you enjoy this blog post.

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