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How to Get Coaching Testimonials (+Email Templates)

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Nothing speaks louder than the success stories of your clients.

That’s why you NEED testimonials.

They build trust and nudge potential clients towards a ‘yes.’

In this guide, you’ll learn how to get more clients and higher rates with glowing testimonials. 

And to make the process as simple as possible, I’ve also included four useful coaching testimonials templates.

Let’s go!

You’ll learn:

Why you need coaching testimonials

What a makes a good coaching testimonial

How to ask for testimonials that convert

4 powerful coaching testimonials templates

Do you need coaching testimonials?

Do you really need testimonials for your coaching business?


You see, they… 

When a client hires you, it’s because they believe you’ll help them achieve their goals.

Testimonials are the best way to prove that you can get them the results they want.

It tells potential clients, “See, I’ve helped others just like you!”

With that, let’s dive a bit deeper. 

Why testimonials matter

95% of clients consider testimonials before buying something. And a study suggests that they can enhance conversion rates by 34%

But what makes testimonials so persuasive?

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Their power lies in the saying “seeing is believing.”

You can talk about your services all you want, but at the end of the day, clients want PROOF.

They want to know that their money and time will be invested well.

Reviews from other clients are more credible than what you say about yourself.

That’s why word-of-mouth marketing is so effective.

It’s grounded in a psychological concept called ‘social proof.’ This refers to our tendency to do what we see others doing.

Testimonials are an invaluable form of social proof. They show potential clients that your coaching process are tried, tested, and trusted.

It’s like browsing for a restaurant; most people look at reviews first, not just the menu. It’s the same with other services, like coaching.

Testimonials versus feedback

What’s the difference between a testimonial and feedback?

They both give insight, but they have a different purpose.

  • Testimonials show the highlights of the coaching journey. They give potential clients an idea of what it’s like working with you.
  • Feedback stays private. It’s meant to help you refine your coaching approach and improve.

What makes a good coaching testimonial?

What are good testimonials?

When done right, testimonials can have a big impact on your business’ success.

But for that to happen, you need to know what makes a great coaching testimonial.

Here are four tips:

  • Show the transition
  • Ask the right coaching testimonial questions
  • Make it visual
  • Make it visible

Let’s go over them in more detail.

Tip one: Show the transition

A great testimonial focuses on what your clients achieved by working with you.

A general compliment like, “Working with her was so pleasant!” is nice, but it doesn’t tell us much.

You need testimonials that go beyond that such as, “Before our sessions, I was struggling with X. Now, I’ve achieved Y!”

That’s the kind of feedback that convinces potential clients.

It lets them see exactly why they need your coaching.

They don’t need to hire you because you’re pleasant to work with (although, I’m sure that’s true too!)

They need to hire you because you’ll get them the results they’re after.

Now, how do you get these testimonials?

By asking the right questions…

Tip two: Ask the right coaching testimonial questions

High-quality testimonials don’t pop up out of nowhere.

Forbes suggests that the key to getting compelling testimonials is offering ‘prompts.’

When you give a little direction, clients can give you better testimonials.

Here are some useful coaching testimonial questions:

  • How were things before we teamed up, and how are they now?”
  • How was your journey with me? Were you happy with the experience?”
  • Tell me about your results. Any particular highlights?”
  • “Would you recommend me to others? Why?”
  • “What challenges were you struggling with before we started?”
  • Did you try other solutions? How did that turn out?”
  • “Was there a ‘light bulb’ moment during our sessions? What changed for you?”

You want the answers to be as SPECIFIC as possible.

Here’s what I mean by that:

When you ask your client if they would recommend you to others, a response like, “Yes, because you’re great,”is not specific.

A better answer would be: “Absolutely! Your techniques helped me overcome my fear of public speaking, and now I lead presentations with confidence.”

Similarly, when you discuss the ‘light bulb’ moment, getting a response like, “Yeah, there was a moment when things clicked,” isn’t very useful.

Much better would be: “During our third session, when we discussed prioritization, it clicked for me that I was spreading myself too thin. Since then, I’ve been able to focus on tasks that align with my goals, leading to more productivity.”

At the end of this article, I’ll help you make the most of these coaching testimonials questions with some useful email templates.

Tip three: Make it visual

By adding your client’s headshot to the testimonial, you give it a personal touch.

It’s not just words on a screen anymore — it’s a real person’s experience.

This is also why video testimonials are so powerful.

When we see and hear someone talk about their positive experiences, it’s much more impactful than reading text alone. (I’ll tell you exactly how to get great video testimonials in a bit.)

The best of all, though, is a combination of both: a video together with a written testimonial.

Tip four: Make it visible

Your testimonials are something you’re proud of. So, why hide them at the bottom of the page?

If they’re hidden down below, many people will miss them.

Instead, keep them ‘above the fold.’ This means the part of your website people see without scrolling.

It’s a simple change that can make a big difference.

For example, in a test, when testimonials were moved to the top of a page, signups jumped by over 64%.

How do you ask for testimonials from clients?

How do you get testimonials from your coaching clients?

You ask for them. (Yes, even if you haven’t had a paying client yet.)

We naturally like to share good news and let others know how we succeeded. So, if a client has had a positive experience, they’ll probably be happy to tell their story.

Let’s go over how you can get reviews as a new coach as well as how to get them from existing clients.

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Get testimonials if you’re new to coaching

If you’re new to coaching, securing that first testimonial can seem challenging. Especially when you haven’t even had your first paying client yet.

Believe me, I remember.

What I didn’t know at the time is that paying clients aren’t the only people who can give you a review.

Whenever you make a difference in someone’s life, that’s testimonial-worthy. Whether they pay you for your services or not.

After all, the results you helped them achieve don’t disappear because there’s no money involved.

Here are two other options for newbie coaches:

  • Your network 
  • Free services  

Let’s go over how you can use these.

Option one: Tap into your network

Odds are that you’ve already made a difference for someone you know.

For example, early in my coaching journey, I helped friends and colleagues with their career development. My advice helped them get raises and some even moved to entirely different industries, where they felt much more fulfilled.

Even though they didn’t pay me, I offered something invaluable.

When I needed some testimonials for my new business, I reached out to them. And they were happy to help out.

That’s how I started building my coaching social proof.

If you’re in a similar situation, this script will come in handy:

“Hey [Name],

Remember when we discussed [specific advice/result]? Would you mind sharing a brief testimonial about how my advice impacted you? I’d love to use this for my new coaching business that helps people [yourn niche]. Let me know and I’ll send over a list of questions. Thanks in advance!

Warm regards,

[Your Name]”

Option two: Offer free coaching services

My previous career coaching experience helped me get my first testimonials quite easily.

But when I started my next business, a digital advertising consulting business, I needed a different approach.

While I already had the experience of working in digital advertising through my 9-to-5, I hadn’t given anyone in my network advice on this topic yet.

So, when it came to social proof, I had to start from zero.

I learned that the best option was to offer something valuable for free.

I thought about a fast, yet impactful service I could offer that wouldn’t tie me up for months.

My solution was a quick ad audit.

The process was simple:

  • I’d review clients’ ads
  • They’d implement my suggestions
  • They’d share their experiences as testimonials

Each ad review took me less than 30 minutes. And soon enough, I had a collection of solid testimonials.

So, what’s your quick-win service?

Perhaps an audit or a single actionable tip that can show immediate results?

Having helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs start their businesses, I believe there’s ALWAYS a brief, value-packed service or consultation you can offer. No matter the industry you’re in.

For example:

  • As a career coach, you could offer a resume critique or mock interview session where you give direct feedback.
  • For executive coach testimonials, you could do a quick assessment of their leadership style and discuss strengths and areas for development of their leadership skills. 
  • As a financial coach, you could give a quick budget review and offer insights into spending habits.
  • As a life coach, you could offer personal development coaching and offer a coaching session that focuses on improving your coachee’s self-confidence.

Want to learn more about getting testimonials as a new coach? Then check out this video:

Get testimonials if you already have coaching clients

What if you’ve already worked with clients, but haven’t asked them for testimonials yet?

Here are my four tips:

Tip one: Time it right

The best moments to ask for feedback are:

  • At the end of your work together
  • Right after achieving a milestone, such as losing weight, getting a promotion, or finding new love

These moments are big positive changes in your client’s life. This makes them great opportunities to capture their excitement and gratitude.

Tip two: Just ask

It may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how many coaches are shy to ask for testimonials.

Yet if you never ask, most clients won’t know that you value their feedback.

Tip three: Make it simple

Giving a testimonial shouldn’t be a huge deal.

You don’t want your clients to wonder: “What should I write in my testimonial?” or “How do you write a testimonial for coaching?”

Instead, make it as convenient as possible. This way, clients are much more likely to say yes.

Send them a list of coaching testimonial questions and say, “I’ll put all your responses together, and you can then approve the final version before it’s published.”

Here’s a great script that I’ve used many times:

Hey [Name],

I’m really thrilled about the progress you’ve made – from [specific achievement] to surpassing your [specific goal]! Would you be open to sharing a testimonial about our journey together? I can send over some guiding questions. And I’d be happy to then put them together into a testimonial for you to review.

Let me know!

Thank you,

[Your Name]”

Tip four: Show the value

Let your clients know the importance of their testimonial.

By sharing their story, clients not only vouch for you but also inspire others on similar paths.

Making them aware of this positive ripple effect can be an extra reason for them to share.

Coaching testimonial examples

So, what is an example of a coach testimonial?

Over the years, I’ve gathered many different types of testimonials from my clients.

Let’s go over some examples so that you can get your own.

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Testimonial example one

This is a short testimonial about my Employee to Entrepreneur program — short but powerful. That’s because the quick results they’ve gained are clearly explained, and you can really feel the client’s enthusiasm.

Testimonial example two

Earning passive income is most people’s dream. This testimonial shows potential clients that they could achieve this too.

Testimonial example three

Testimonials that show how your coaching leads to quick but lasting transformations are very useful.

After all, quick gratification means nothing if it can’t be sustained. A lasting transformation proves that you go beyond superficial fixes and address core issues.

Testimonial example four

By comparing other methods that weren’t as effective, this testimonial highlights the unique strengths of the ETE method. This helps it stand out from the rest.

Testimonial example five

Mentioning initial doubts adds authenticity and relatability. Because many potential clients have reservations, they will likely recognize themselves in that. The real power of the testimonial, though, is in the transformation — how that skepticism was turned around.

Coaching testimonial templates

With the right coaching testimonial template, gathering glowing reviews becomes easier.

Here are four types of client testimonials that will be useful for your coaching business:

  • Service testimonial template
  • Case study testimonial
  • Direct quote testimonial
  • Video testimonial

Whether you’re looking for leadership coaching testimonials or life coaching testimonials examples, these templates are useful for ANY industry.

Let’s go over how to get them in more detail.

Service testimonial template

Service testimonials help future clients understand what you offer and how you’ve made a difference.

Ideally, you’ll have a mixture of short testimonials and more in-depth ones.

The best testimonials describe what you do AND the benefits your clients experienced.

The template

You can use the following template to get glowing service testimonials:

“Working with [Your Name/Coaching Business] was [positive experience]. They guided me through [specific challenge]. I was hesitant about [a particular concern], but those worries were quickly addressed.”

And here’s an example of what that service testimonial might look like:

Working with Coach Jane was a life-changing experience. She guided me through my career transition fears. I was hesitant about changing industries, but her insights made the shift seamless.”

The prompts

Besides providing the template, you can also offer clients some strategic questions or prompts:

  • Can you describe my coaching style?
  • Could you share a specific challenge I helped you with?
  • Did you have any initial hesitations? How did we address them?
  • What changes have you noticed since working with me?

Case study testimonial

A case study is a more in-depth version of a testimonial.

Because a coaching package can be a big investment, you’ll want to include some of these testimonials too.

Case studies paint a clearer picture.

They highlight:

  • What your coaching can do
  • Who your client was
  • What drew them to you
  • The transformation they underwent

This can win over other clients who are dealing with similar experiences or problems.

When choosing a client for a case study testimonial, pick someone who closely mirrors your ideal audience.

The template

You can use the following case study invitation template:

Hi [Client’s Name],

I’m reaching out because your transformation during our coaching sessions has been very inspiring. I believe that sharing your experience could help others who are in a similar situation.

Would that be something you’re interested in?

To give you an idea, here’s a template to help guide your testimonial:

I am [a brief description about yourself; age, profession, any other relevant details]. Before seeking coaching, I was facing big challenges with [specific problem or feeling you were experiencing]. This was taking a toll on my [personal/professional life] by [specific negative impacts or emotions].

Discovering [Your Name/Coaching Business Name] was a pivotal moment. From the beginning, [Your Name] was [specific strength]. After our sessions began, I started noticing [specific results], and after [duration of the coaching relationship], I have experienced [specific transformation or benefits].”

Here’s an example of what a completed case study testimonial might look like:

I am a 30-year-old software engineer who often felt overwhelmed by the demands of my job and personal commitments. Before seeking coaching, I was facing many challenges with stress management and work-life balance. This was taking a toll on my personal life and well-being, leading to sleepless nights and strained relationships.

Discovering Coach Jeff’s Mindfulness Coaching was a game-changer. From the onset, Jeff was empathetic and equipped with actionable strategies. A month into our sessions, I felt more at ease, and after six months, I’ve achieved a nice balance between work and life. Now I feel more present and content than ever before.”

The prompts

Try one of the following questions or prompts when asking for case study testimonials:

  • Who are you and what challenge brought you here?
  • How did our coaching sessions impact you?
  • Share your transformative moment.
  • What benefits have you seen now that your problem has been solved?

Direct quote testimonial

A direct quote testimonial is a short comment where clients share their excitement.

They might talk about the best part of your service or how it felt working with you. The main point is that it shows they’re happy.

These quotes should be short so people can quickly read a bunch of them.

The template

You can use the following template to get great direct quote testimonials:

“Ever since I started sessions with [Your Name], I’ve [key benefit or positive change]. It feels [emotion felt], and I’d definitely recommend them to anyone who [specific need].”

And here’s an example of what that direct quote testimonial might look like:

“Ever since I started sessions with Coach Alex, I’ve found a better work-life balance. It feels liberating, and I’d recommend him to anyone feeling overwhelmed.”

The prompts

When asking clients for a direct quote testimonial, keep it simple:

  • What has been the biggest benefit of working with me?
  • What did you like most about working with me?
  • Would you recommend me to others? Why?

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Video testimonial

I highly recommend using some video testimonials!

They’re very engaging, making them incredibly powerful. In fact, studies show that people are 64%more likely to buy after watching a video.

Video testimonials bring your client’s success stories to life. This helps potential clients envision their own transformation.

The key is to make the videos look personal. They should feel like a conversation, not a professional interview.

The template

Ask your clients to hop on a quick, 5-10-minute video conversation that you record. Here’s a good email template for that:

“Hey [name],

Seeing your progress, especially hitting [result] and your goal of [result], has been amazing. 

Would you be up for a 5-10-minute recorded video call where we’d discuss your awesome results? It would mean a lot to me!

Let me know! 


[Your name]”

Besides having a conversation, you could also include some videos where it’s just the client talking:

“Hello [client’s name],

I’ve loved seeing your progress over the past few months. Not only did you [result], but you also crushed your goal to [result].

With that in mind, I’d like to invite you to share your journey in a short video testimonial.

Here’s a suggested script to guide you, but please feel free to speak from the heart:

“Before partnering with [Your Name/Coaching Business Name], I was struggling with [specific problem or feeling]. I decided to embark on this coaching journey, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The change I’ve experienced has been profound. [Discuss what has changed.] If you’re in a similar situation, I really recommend reaching out to [Your Name/Coaching Business Name]!”

The prompts

Before the talk, send your client some questions that you’ll cover during the chat. This way, they can prepare themselves and give better responses. 

Ideally, you want to use a lot of open-ended questions, such as:

  • What did you hope to achieve through our coaching sessions?
  • Have you tried other methods? What was missing?
  • What specific results have you experienced since we started?
  • How would you describe the overall experience and its impact on you?
  • What is your favorite thing about my coaching?

Here’s an example of a great video testimonial:

With these coaching testimonials templates, you’re all set to gather reviews that truly speak to potential clients.

Next steps

There you go! Everything you need to know about getting coaching testimonials that convert.

The power of a testimonial lies not just in praising your services but in showing real-life transformations.

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