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The 17 Best Online Coaching Platforms of 2024 (Reviewed)

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What are the top online coaching platforms? 

Today, you’ll learn how to streamline your coaching business with the best platforms. And, if you read until the end, you’ll learn how to choose the right platform for your business.

Want to learn more? Read on. 

The top online coaching platforms:

What is an online coaching platform?

An online coaching platform is an app or website platform that improves your workflows and makes it easier to manage your business

You see, running your own coaching business (or any business) means doing way more than just coaching. 

You need to:

  • Create (and chase) invoices
  • Schedule your coaching calls
  • Sign coaching agreements
  • Manage client communication 

And so much more. 

Fortunately, there are many online coaching platforms you can use to automate those tasks. 

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Let’s take a look at the best of them.

Best online coaching platforms

What is the best online coaching platform? 

Here below is a selection of some of the top coaching platforms for your business tasks (invoicing, client communication, and more). 

Disclaimer: I don’t use all of these platforms in my own business. Some of my recommendations below are based on publicly available reviews and general recommendations in the coaching industry. So with that caveat, let’s jump right in. 


Screenshot of Kajabi website

Kajabi started out as an online course platform. Today, it includes many more features to run your business.

Kajabi works especially well for coaches with several income streams (courses, digital downloads, and live group coaching programs). 

With Kajabi, you can schedule meetings, send invoices, do coaching calls, and track your client’s progress. 

However, most coaching platforms include similar features, so Kajabi isn’t unique in that sense. What sets it apart from the rest is the ability to host your coaching funnels and website on the platform. Your entire coaching practice can essentially live on Kajabi. 

When you’re ready to add on courses, you can add them to the platform. Kajabi has beautiful templates for courses and coaching packages.


  • Manage coaching funnels
  • Sell your online courses and digital downloads
  • Host your business website

Price: From $149 per month


Screenshot of Noomii website

Noomii is a directory for coaches across America. The directory is divided into multiple categories. The top five categories are: 

  1. Business coaches
  2. Career coaches
  3. Life coaches
  4. Health and fitness coaches
  5. Relationship coaches

But there are several other categories, too, like family coaches, entrepreneur coaches, leadership coaches, and so on. 

Potential clients can request a free consultation from you straight on the platform. 

There is a free version that gives you a basic directory listing and access to Noomii’s live events. But if you go for the pro version, you can get a “featured coach” badge and earn money through referrals. 


  • Receive referrals from other coaches
  • Access to Noomii’s live educational events for coaches
  • Collect reviews from previous clients to display on your listing

Price: Free for a basic listing. $449 per year for a premium listing. 


Screenshot of CoachingLoft website

CoachingLoft is a coaching management platform with features for:

  • Scheduling
  • Managing coaching agreements
  • Automating invoices
  • Tracking client progress 

And more. 

There are a few things that set CoachingLoft apart. 

The first is the public directory. All coaches on the platform are part of the online directory, which helps you advertise your services.

You also have online storage to store client documents. Plus, CoachingLoft promises to plant trees for every subscription.


  • Advertise on the public coaches directory
  • Manage your invoices and payments
  • Support CoachingLoft’s mission to plant 25k trees by 2025

Price: From $1 per month if you have just two clients. Higher tiers for unlimited clients start from $25 per month. 


Screenshot of Bonsai website

Bonsai is a highly recommended client management tool. Online coaches from all over the world use it, but it wasn’t specifically built for coaches. Professionals from many service industries benefit from this tool. 

Beyond scheduling, invoice management, and client tracking, you can track your time and create to-do lists. 

Bonsai has a great collection of templates for coaches to help you get started with your coaching agreement, coaching session plans, and more general documents, like invoices. 

Note that this tool is for managing your administrative tasks, not your client communication.


  • Excellent templates for coaches
  • Automated payment system
  • Send onboarding and feedback forms with the click of a button

Price: From $17 per month


Screenshot of SimplyCoach website

Simply.Coach is made for coaches by coaches, and it offers both client and business management tools.

On the client side, you can build action plans, set goals, and share resources within the platform. Your client has a workspace where they can track their own progress and upload homework. 

On the business side, you have all the basics, such as scheduling, invoicing, and contracts. 

Plus, there are new, unique features coming soon, including email integration and LinkedIn integration. 

You can also log your training and courses to keep track of your professional development. 


  • Log your professional development
  • Create action plans to track your client’s progress
  • Build a client workspace that you can both use to trade documents

Price: From $9 per month

Nudge Coach

Screenshot of NudgeCoach website

Nudge is a coaching platform that takes a different approach to the traditional coaching management solution. 

Nudge is an app builder. If you’ve ever thought about having your own coaching app, this is an easy and fun way to make your coaching program interactive. 

So how does it work?

You put your signature program into the app using content cards with automated sequences. Your clients can then go through the programs and message you. 

You can track their progress, comment on their work, and even group clients together for a seamless way to deliver a group program. 

I personally don’t use this app. But if your dream clients would love to have a coaching program in their pocket, Nudge is a unique solution. 


  • Create custom coaching programs on a mobile app
  • Enjoy instant messaging between you and your clients
  • Manage a group program easily with automated content sequences

Price: Free up to 5 clients. Premium versions from $60 per month. 


Screenshot of Satori website

Satori offers a coaching program builder. Clients buy a coaching package from your website and can then get started on your program straight away. 

From notification logs to automated billing, Satori combines it all in one tool. 

With this tool, you can create custom proposals for clients or save templates that you can reuse. The client portal is helpful for trading documents like coaching agreements or sharing resources. 

However, there are no video-calling features. So you’ll need a different tool for holding client sessions. 


  • Automatic calendar scheduling with timezone conversion
  • One-click enrollment allows clients to sign up for your coaching services in half the time
  • Create custom proposals for new clients

Price: Free for scheduling only. $15 per month for bookings only. $32 per month for the full suite of features. 


Screenshot of Thinkific website

Thinkific is an online course platform that lets coaches monetize their knowledge through courses, memberships, and masterminds. 

With loads of well-designed templates and a drag-and-drop editor, you can create your online course in under 24 hours, ready to sell.

You can set the pace: Self-guided, cohort, or schedule content. You can also host webinars and give your students certifications at the end of your course. 

I prefer Teachable (which we’ll talk about later) because I’m not too familiar with Thinkific. But if you want a standalone online course delivery platform, Thinkific can be a good solution.


  • Beautiful course templates to choose from
  • Built-in social sharing so students can share their achievements
  • Measure and reward your students’ progress 

Price: Free for one course. Pro versions from $36 per month.

Screenshot of website is a stylish, intuitive all-in-one platform for coaches. It works for every coaching niche out there because the platform is so flexible. Customize it to the way you and your clients like to work. 

This platform offers schedulers, automatic invoices, client portals, and many other tools to keep your coaching business organized. 

The dashboard is the perfect snapshot of your coaching business. You can see your revenue, the number of clients you have, how many hours you have scheduled, and the themes you’re working with clients on. 

On the client side, you can create personalized roadmaps, milestones, homework assignments, resource libraries, and assessments. 

It’s a complete communication solution too, with in-built chat functions and video calls to keep in touch with your clients. 

In other words, a super comprehensive platform with a ton of features that you need to run your coaching business. 


  • Branded client portals
  • Fully loaded mobile app
  • Get matched with more clients using the marketplace

Price: Free for coaches with up to three active clients. The pro version starts at $47 per month. 


Screenshot of Profi website

Profi is an online coaching platform designed to help coaching businesses of all sizes streamline their work. 

From organizing your bookings to selling simple online courses, you can manage your online coaching business in Profi without any extra tools. 

This platform lets you create client portals with your own brand. And you can host online one-on-one or group coaching calls live through the platform’s video conferencing tool. 

Billing and invoicing software is included too with a Stripe integration. 


  • Get paid through the platform using the Stripe integration
  • Personalize client portals with your branding 
  • Packages for solopreneurs to large coaching teams

Price: From $99 per month

Mighty Networks

Screenshot of Might Networks website

Got an online community, membership, or course? This is where Might Networks can be a suitable platform. 

Here’s how it works. You sign up for free and customize your community portal to suit your niche. 

You can create chat threads with your community to engage and sell to your audience. You can also craft a feed of helpful tips, videos, and graphics. There are features to create paid courses, events, and resource libraries that your community can purchase through the platform. 

In short, this is a community management and course delivery hub. Personally, I don’t use Mighty Networks (in my opinion, simpler tools work well). But if you want to manage your community on one platform, you can try out this platform. 


  • Create group chats for your community
  • Sell exclusive digital products to community members
  • Engage your audience with content 

Price: From $33 per month


Screenshot of BetterUp website

BetterUp is a marketplace for coaches who want to sell services, especially in the corporate world. 

As a member of BetterUp, you can deliver coaching to professionals or individuals looking for impactful one-on-one coaching. 

Once you’re part of the coaching community, you get automatically matched with students. As a new(er) business coach, executive coach, or another type of coach, you could get some early traction on the platform. 

BetterUp gives their members professional development so they can grow their coaching skills and an easy way to get paid through the platform. 

That said, you’re required to charge a set hourly rate for coaching sessions, so you don’t really build your own Freedom Business with BetterUp.  

What’s more, you need to be a certified coach to apply. So ultimately, ask yourself if you want to become more of a gig worker or build your own business. 


  • Automatically matched with clients who would benefit from your services
  • Set your own coaching schedule
  • Courses and events to improve your coaching skills

Price: Free to join. They pay you! 


Screenshot of Zoom website

As a coach, you need a solid online video conferencing tool. And Zoom is still the market leader when it comes to online calls.

Having used it for many years, I exclusively use Zoom for my calls. I love that it’s simple to use and has useful features, like video recording. 

Depending on your subscription tier, you can have up to 1000 people in your Zoom calls which is perfect for building scalable group coaching programs. 


  • Record meetings to refer back 
  • Send calendar invites
  • Share screens for live tutorials

Price: Free version available. Pro plans from $149 per year. 


Screenshot of Calendly website

Calendly is a scheduling platform for scheduling your coaching sessions. 

This tool replaces all that back-and-forth to schedule a coaching call. Calendly syncs appointments with your calendar. All you have to do is share your Calendly link with your clients and they can book a convenient time straight away. 

With a Zoom integration, you can also create automated call invites with a Zoom or Google Meet link. Plus, the automated reminders are really helpful for following up on invites without having to manually send out emails.

I’ve personally used Calendly for many years and still think it’s the best scheduling platform out there. 


  • Add your Calendly portal to your website for easy consultation bookings
  • Customize your booking page
  • Send automatic meeting notifications

Price: From $8 per month


Screenshot of Teachable website

Once you’re maxed out with private coaching clients and group programs, the best way to scale your income is with a coaching course. You package your coaching program into an online self-study program. 

You’ll need to host your content somewhere. And that’s where Teachable is helpful. Teachable is an online course platform where you create and host your course. 

Teachable is really easy to use and you don’t need any coding or design skills to create a beautiful and branded course. 

Plus, Teachable also includes tools to run group programs or live coaching. With the live coaching features, you can track your client’s progress and create a great learning experience for them. 

You can either sell your services and products using Teachable e-commerce tools or sync them to your mailing list software. 

If you want to sell e-books, webinars, and templates, Teachable makes that easy too. All you need to do is upload your product and start selling.


  • Easy drag-and-drop course builder 
  • Sync to email software for a seamless course sales funnel
  • Feedback quizzes and comments function for customers

Price: Free version if you just have one course with a maximum of ten students. Premium versions from $39 per month.

Dropbox Sign

Screenshot of Dropbox Sign website

When you take on new clients, you need to manage client agreements. Instead of emailing clients manually, you can pretty much automate the entire process with Dropbox Sign

With this e-contract tool, you upload contracts to Dropbox Sign. Then you fill in your own signature and send the contract to your new client. They sign the contract and you’re all set! 

Dropbox Sign also sends out reminders for pending contracts. 

And if your client has any questions about your coaching agreement, no problem! They can add a comment right onto the document that you can answer instantly. It makes it way easier to adapt the wording if you need to. 

I’ve used and recommended Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign) for years. 


  • Legally binding e-signatures
  • Create coaching agreement templates
  • Save documents in one place

Price: From $15 per month


Screenshot of Voxer website

Coaching isn’t just about coaching sessions. You also coach your clients in between sessions. Your client can ask questions, share their progress, and in other ways ask for your support. 

However, you need a way for them to share all of this. 

I personally use Voxer

Voxer is a voice note and messaging platform that is perfect for coaches. 

Why? It’s simple to use, free for you and your clients (with paid upgrades), and it’s end-to-end encrypted so no sensitive information can leak. 

It’s also good to have a platform that you only use to communicate with clients. You might not want your clients to send iMessages or WhatsApp messages because it mixes your personal life with your business life. 

Because it was originally a voice note app, it has way more features than most messaging apps for voice. For example, you can send live voice notes. That means someone can listen to you speaking instantly as if you’re on the phone. If you love voice notes, you’re going to love Voxer.

Voxer is also great for you if you run a group coaching program. You can have group chats of up to 500 people and you can control who can speak in the group. 

This is perfect for allowing your students to talk to one another. Or you can use it to send encouraging messages to your clients. 

Of course, there are simpler tools, like Facebook groups so you could get started there. But, as said, Voxer is a great option. 


  • Large group chats that are great for group coaching
  • Desktop version for flexibility
  • Send voice notes, texts, photos, and videos

Price: Free version available. Pro version from $3.99 per month.

Which coaching platform is best for you? 

Now you know what the top coaching platforms are. But how do you pick the right platform for YOUR business? 

Here’s what to look for in the platforms you choose. 

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What type of tool are you looking for? 

First, what parts of your business are you looking to build on a platform? I personally like to combine different tools because of the flexibility it affords me (I can easily switch out tools, I’m not stuck with one platform, and so on). 

But if you want to go for an “all-in-one” tool – go for it. 

What are your needs? 

What are you looking to set up? Automated workflows? Courses? A life coaching platform? Look for a tool that meets your requirements. With established tools like Dropbox, Teachable, and Zoom, you can’t really go wrong. 

And finally, I talk more about my favorite coaching tools in this short video: 

Over to you! 

There you have it! These are the best online coaching platforms you can use to build and run your coaching business smoothly.

The most important thing is to not complicate it for yourself. Go for whatever tool feels best – you can always switch platforms later on. 

However, choosing the right platform is just one of the steps to take when you build your coaching business.

And how successful your coaching business is doesn’t come down to the platform you use – but the strategy.

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